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Zero Clearance Fireplace

Aparna Jadhav
A zero clearance fireplace is one of the trendiest appliances anyone could have for heating their home. Read all about them in the following story.
A zero clearance fireplace is nothing but a prefabricated, factory-made appliance which can be easily moved around and needs very little maintenance. These are made for homes without chimneys and don't need a hearth to function efficiently. They are installed with instructions to assemble the units and a manual for framework requirements. They look great when the metal unit is enclosed in a masonry framework.
These type of fireplaces are surrounded with a wooden frame and have air ventilation pipes at the back. They are usually made from sheet metal or cast iron and are fueled with wood, gas, or electricity. They can be cleaned once in a year if they are used.
They are always a better option compared to built fireplaces, as they can be safely installed near or against combustible materials, like wood or walls. The space required by them is also comparatively lesser than traditional fireplaces.
They can be installed in any room of the house, to give the room a traditional, yet modern look. There is no need for difficult and complex brick work to cover them, as you can just have a glass door to give them a unique look. It helps in reducing the overall cost. There are a number of attractive designs for these type of fireplaces and you could match them with an attractive mantel that complements your home color schemes.
Zero clearance fireplaces are gaining a lot of popularity as they are not only cheaper to install, but quicker and easier to operate as compared to the traditional masonry ones. They are up to 70% more efficient than the traditional ones. This is because the open fireplaces do not get enough heat to burn the pollutants produced by them, hence reducing their efficiency. This is not the case in this type of fireplaces, as they are closed and do not produce as many pollutants.
They cost around USD 500 to 3,000, depending on the kind of model you pick. One of the best and most efficient models is the Napoleon BGD42CFN, which is very handy to install in any room of the house and looks stylish and elegant. When you want to purchase one of these, make sure you take proper measurements of the place you want to get it installed in.

Zero Clearance Wood-burning Fireplaces

These fireplaces have an iron rim but are fueled with wood. If you want to give a traditional look, you can opt for a wood burning one. They not only heat your living space but also lower your energy costs compared to the gas and electricity-fueled ones. You can enjoy the warmth of a wooden fireplace in a commercially built zero clearance fireplace with your family, over a hot cup of coffee. The only problem with this type is that it needs to be cleaned whenever you use it, as it gives out soot from the wood.

Zero Clearance Gas Fireplace

As the name suggests, this is a type which is fueled by gas. It does not need combustible material like wood. It is a convenient mode of creating fire, but it needs to be well-ventilated and has to have a gas line attached to the main connection.
There are many designs available in the zero clearance gas fireplaces, and you can choose whichever suits your home. The location of this one is an important factor in the installation process.
Make sure to choose a location which does not obstruct your movement in the house, as an incorrectly placed fireplace can cause discomfort and lesser room to move around. Consider the size of the fire box before you purchase it.
Zero clearance fireplaces are literally the best option today. So, if you want to give your home a beautiful, cozy, and a traditional look, going in for this one will be a great option.