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Wood Paneling For Walls

Mamta Mule
Wood paneling for walls is a popular home decor element. Choosing the right walls, dimensions, material and finish is all equally important to have perfect looking wall panels. It is best to decide how exactly you want the area to look like, and then start working on the wall panels.
Wood paneling is a classic feature that can be added to the interior walls. With wood paneling, you can nicely revamp the old or damaged walls. 
Want to give an elegant look to your house? Are the walls damaged and need to be reworked or painted? Need change in the existing wood panels that are covering the walls of your living room or staircase section?
Wood paneling is a great idea to be considered if you want to spice up your home decor. Here's more about wood paneling or covering the wood panels to improve the interiors of your house.

Factors to be Considered

Choosing the wood and deciding its finish are the basic elements that you need to work upon. You can also explore the options like thick and thin wood paneling apart from the material used.
Keeping the wood panels in their natural texture is a good idea, instead of laminating them. Matching the wooden panels with your wall colors or furniture is an important task to ensure that your home decor looks uniform and perfect.
Instead of paneling each wall, you can restrict it to the focal wall. This will add the right style element to your rooms. You can consider paneling the wall besides the entire staircase, the wall behind your fireplace mantel or the wall behind your bed. These are some popular wall paneling ideas.
If you want to increase the storage capacity of your house, adding floor to ceiling wooden cabinets against one wall is a smart idea which looks similar to complete wall paneling.
You can also opt for decorative wall panels, which are finished with dual colored veneers or laminates and give a modern touch to the entire decor.
Installing panels is a tough job and hence, it is best to hire a professional for the same. Buying an interior wooden wall paneling system, is a good option that you can consider if you don't want to opt for custom panel installation.
This consists of pre-cut and pre-machined panel pieces that are assembled together and are ready to be installed with minimal cutting and sanding. These are also known to be cheaper than the custom-built wood paneling for walls.

Covering Wooden Wall Panels

Sometimes, old wood panels make your rooms appear dull or dark, in this case you might think of removing and replacing them with new panels. Damaged or dull wooden panels can also be revamped in various ways to refresh their appearance. You have a few options which can be considered while working on this project. So here's how to go about it.

Paint the Wooden Panel

Paint the existing wood panels and give it a brighter look. Painting a well prepared surface will give you good results. Make sure you fill in the grooves with a paint brush instead of simply moving a roller, as it won't help cover these grooves.
Also, a tinted primer to match the shade of paint color can be first applied on sanded panels, to make the painting job less time-consuming.

Skim Coat the Panel

Skim coat the panel with plaster to make it an even surface, this will eliminate the task of hand painting the grooves. Now gently sand the surface and finish with paint.
What's more, you can also use trendy or elegant wallpapers to cover the old wood paneling that has become dull and instantly jazz up the area.