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Window Molding Ideas

Mamta Mule Feb 19, 2020
With decorative molding designs, you can spice up your windows and give them a grand appearance. Further you can add designer trims to the ceiling trim borders, and have even more beautiful interiors.
With various window molding ideas, you can add trims to the windows and give them a wonderful appearance. Molding is available in number of materials like wood, vinyl, plaster and many designs as well. From commonly used designs to the unusual ones, you can add a new dimension to your windows with these.
While you search for molding ideas, you will find various options not only in interior molding, but exterior molding as well. Yes, exterior window molding is also quite popularly. Exterior windows, especially those on the lower levels are prominent, hence need to be decorated well.
With decorative moldings, which go well with the wall trims, you can have beautiful looking interiors and exteriors. So, let's check out some molding ideas for windows.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a popular interior window molding option. Crown molding ideas are not only used for windows and entryways but also used for ceiling trims. You can install crown molding for top, bottom or all edges of the window. With crown molding installed from all sides, you can add a depth to the window.

Casing Molding

Casing is another idea for window moldings which you can go for and have a simple but great looking window. Casing needs to be done from all sides of the window frame. It is commonly used for exterior side of the windows.
Casing is also a good pick for the entryways. You can opt for it and have a well-defined home decor. This type of molding looks great on arched windows and French doors.

Dentil Molding

Dentil window molding is a designer option that can be checked out in case you want to add trim, just for the top side of your window.
Quite popular for exterior use, dentil molding looks class apart. You can use this for interior and exterior side of the windows as well.
Sills are also popular for their simplicity and decent look. With sills or casing, you can add keystone in the top trim if you have small windows.

Egg and Dart Molding

Search for egg and dart molding designs and you are sure to like them. There are various design options in these which can be installed in desired size to all sides of your window for a wonderful effect. Again, this is among the unique window molding designs, which adds a stylish element to your rooms or exterior walls.

Window Molding Beautification Ideas

Well, you have already decided which window molding design to opt for. So, what next? Beautifying it in the right way needs no mention. You need to add the right colors and finishes to make it attractive. Either paint or simply polish it.
If hardwood or any wooden material is used for trims, staining it, to restore its natural look is a great option. In this case, you should have enough wooden furniture in the same room to maintain the uniformity factor. Also, the color used for staining won't 'mismatch' with the window frame or wall color.
One of the wood molding ideas for home decoration is to use tinted stain instead of clear stain. With tinted stain you can have a colored trim that is matching well with rest of the wooden elements.

Next option is painting the window molding. Coloring in single color is a good option. In case you want to add two colors, go for a monochromatic color scheme.
Make sure that you use same color for all moldings. If you have done crown molding for ceiling and dentil molding for windows, maintaining uniformity of color is a good way to rightly decorate your interiors.

With the aforementioned and other window molding ideas you can have the best home decoration done.
Adding that elegant element to your interiors and exteriors is not a tough task with this window treatment. So, choose the design, add the right colors and have beautiful looking windows with molding trims.