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Characteristics And Uses of Wenge Wood

Samarpita Choudhury
Since primitive times, wood has served many purposes. There are many varieties of wood that are used for furniture, construction, decoration, etc. The use is specific, keeping in mind the qualities of the wood. Wenge wood is one type that has become quite popular in recent times.


The dark chocolaty color of wenge makes it an easy replacement for ebony.
Millettia laurentii can be recognized as the dark-brown to nearly black-colored wood, with black vein-like patterns on its surface. Wenge wood is now being put to extensive use because of the array of positive qualities that it possesses. Of late, it is recognized as a substitute to many of the hardwood types, like rosewood, ebony, fir, pine, cider, etc.
The reason is simple. Wenge wood has proved its viability in terms of durability, appearance, and cost efficiency. You can easily blend it with any look, ranging from ethnic to classic, or modern to posh. This wood is native to the African regions of Cameroon, Zaire, Cairo, and Gabon. It originated in western Africa.
What are the more specific qualities and factors that are making this type of wood a must-have for many, is the point of discussion in the cards that follow.

Characteristics of Wenge

# The wood cannot be used in areas where there are high rates of moisture and humidity.

# This wood is infamous for its toxicity. The dust of the wood has to be disposed off carefully, as it can lead to complaints of severe dermatitis and respiratory problems.

# The hardness of the wood makes it highly damage-resistant.
# This wood type is porous.

# Before processing, it also develops oil deposits on its surface when exposed for prolonged duration to air.

# The tools that are used while working with this variety of wood have to be extremely sharp. This is so, because this wood reduces the sharpness of the tools upon continuous use.
# Wenge wood, upon being freshly cut, displays a light-yellow to brown color. Storage for long and exposure to sunlight makes it attain a darker shade.

# The beautiful pattern of the wood makes it a visual treat for all.

# The surface of this wood is a little coarse to touch.

Uses of Wenge

# Considering the rich and dark color of the wood, it is typically used in areas where there is a lot of open space. Since dark colors are used in order to make the place visually smaller, wenge wood can be a top choice for the same.
# According to various durability scales, wenge wood is considered very suitable for making hardwood flooring. It is used for residential projects where the floor is subject to repetitive use. It is also picked for commercial domains where the attraction of the place is a much sought-after feature.
# The finish of this wood requires wax in place of oil or varnish. Since it possesses a highly attractive pattern and finish, this is also used for stripping.

# Wenge wood is also fulfilling as a frame for the windows and doors.

# It is an above-average choice for construction purposes.
# It is also helpful for making various types of furniture, kitchen cabinets, stairs and steps, etc.

# Wenge wood has found its utility in the forms of both, solid wood as well as veneer.

# After Brazilian wood , this is the next best option for many as a guitar-making wood. It is also used a lot in the business of wood carving.

Tips to Take Care of Your Wenge Plank

# Fit some pads on the stands of the furniture to reduce the marks caused by the weight of the wood on the floor.

# A regular cleansing routine must be followed, as regular dust and dirt can minimize the beauty of the floor, and can also spoil the quality of it eventually.
# Accidental spilling must be removed at once to avoid the menace of staining the floor.

# It is good to use natural wood polish, cleansing agents, or oil, rather than chemical ones on wenge wood furniture and tools. This retains the texture of the wood and keeps the gloss intact.
Combine wenge wood with the brightest of colors, and lend a different look to you interiors. You will have heads turning like never before, without even burning a hole in your pocket.