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Classy Wall Paneling Designs

Mamta Mule
Wall paneling designs improve the appearance of damaged walls or just spruce up your walls and enhance your rooms. Stone wall panels look extremely lavish and lend a natural, yet alluring look to any room.
Are those bumpy uneven walls diminishing the beauty of your house? Then you might be constantly finding new photo frames, wall art pieces and wall decor items to cover that faulty patch. A simple, easy and long-lasting solution for this can be opting for wall panels.
Wall paneling is an easy way to spice up the walls and give a fresh look to your rooms. These can be fitted on any of the walls and there is a range of wall paneling designs from which you can choose one for your home decor.
Wall paneling is a decorative treatment for walls, consisting of sheets, blocks or panels of a materials like wood, concrete, etc. which is well framed and fixed on the walls to form a panel. Wall panels add a unique style element to the walls.
These are commonly used in homes, offices and hotels to give a classy feel to the area. These improve the appearance of rooms and give a sophisticated touch to the space. Let us learn more about the wall panels.

Materials Used for Wall Paneling

Various types of materials can be used for decorative wall paneling. Wood wall paneling designs is extremely popular due to their versatility.
These easily match with the rest of the home decor elements such as cabinets, side tables, shelves.
Moreover, you can easily find a type of wood to suit the existing wall colors and which is sturdy and waterproof as well.
You can consider options like plywood, fiberboard, hardboard, timber or engineered wood for adding panels to the interior walls.
Concrete wall panels look extremely elegant and give a fresh appearance to the walls. You can opt for concrete wall panels for the living room. They look very trendy and stylish when paired with attractive wall colors.
Brick wall panels or stone wall panels give a natural touch to the area and look extremely lavish. If used for living room, these look beautiful with bright shades of wall paint.
Another option in the material used for wall panels is steel or aluminum. Yes, the steel wall panels add a unique touch and are perfectly suitable for kitchen or dining area walls.

Design Options in Wall Panels

➠ Faux finishing works best for concrete wall paneling. There are various faux finishing techniques you can opt for. Another option is to go for wood grain, faux wood, or rustic wood which has an amazing finish and texture.
➠ Opt for textured wall panels.
Unique groove patterns on concrete or wood can form the best wall panels. You can opt for small or have panels for the entire wall.
Installing plank panels is also a great idea. You can hang plank panels, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
➠ Paneling the entire wall is a great idea, but you need to have a proper idea of how the wall will look after paneling it by using the chosen material and texture. Opt for brick or stone panels for exterior as well as interior paneling designs. Go for translucent wall panels for covering the entire wall.
➠ There are various patterns and textures available in the translucent glass panels as well. If you place lights between the wall and wall panels, these will give an amazing effect and a luxurious touch to your house. Contemporary designs include use of panels in various shapes like circle, oval or even layered panels of various sizes.
These are the paneling designs and tips to help you in the home improvement task. Make sure that you pick panels in right colors or finish them rightly, to match well with the wall paint and furniture colors as well.