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Walk-in Showers With Seats

Rutuja Jathar Feb 20, 2020
Walk-in showers with seats are among the latest trends in the field of bathroom design due to the convenience that they offer. Whether you have an elderly person at home or you want to install it just for yourself, it's something that you will definitely find worth installing.
Walk-in showers offer you the ultimate luxury hence, are the most preferred option for every bathroom remodeling and bathroom decorating project these days. They are convenient yet sophisticated, and are available with numerous beneficial features.
According to some people, walk-in showers consume a lot of space and are not convenient for smaller bathrooms, which is not true. There are some smaller walk-in shower models that are suitable for small bathrooms too.
They offer the necessary privacy which can be decorated in numerous ways. Today, they are also available along with several shower accessories wherein the latest trend is to install a walk-in shower with seats.


Walk-in showers are always equipped with a small seat at the back or corner of the shower wall. It's perfect for every member of your house, especially for the elderly. These seats are at a moderate height from the floor hence they don't put too much stress on a person while he/she sits on it. They are quite comfortable to sit on and bathe.
The height of the seat in a walk-in shower is specified according to the height of the steps that are installed to get into the shower. The most popular step heights are 35 mm, 90 mm, and floor level step heights.
Some walk-in showers offer you custom-made shower seats and shower enclosures that you can design on your own as per your requirements. All these features actually make these showers the most practical and ideal bathroom enclosures to have.

Shower Themes

Space, comfort, and privacy are the three things that you need to consider while selecting these shower designs, where walk-in showers with seats offer you all three factors. There are numerous shower designs that you can opt for.
The most popular of them all are spa showers, corner showers, door-less showers, limestone showers, and tile showers. Each of these shower designs are beautiful in their own regard hence, you need to be pretty accurate about your specifications.
You also need to reconsider the theme of your bathroom decor and then plan the walk-in shower installation.
The most popular walk-in shower themes are the spa theme and the rustic theme. The rustic bathroom design will incorporate slate tiles, whereas, you need to install some elegant looking tiles to bring out the feeling of a spa.
You can also enhance the spa effect by placing a scented candle in the shower racks.

Designing the Enclosure

Along with a theme and design, you also need to take the enclosures into consideration to implement a few.
The placement of the shower head and the drainage is an important point that should be considered. The shower head should be placed opposite a solid wall or a closed part of the enclosure to prevent water from spilling out due to the force of the water being expelled.
There should be a suitable slope in the flooring (1") to allow for drainage. You also need to install durable and waterproof bathroom flooring there, since it is meant to be wet for a longer period of time.
A door-less shower are convenient for one and all. You can also opt for walk-in shower stalls made of glass, glass blocks, etched glass, or stained glass. Since most walk-in showers come with seats, they are already a convenient option for all.
You can even opt for walk-in showers with seats for two. This design must also facilitate two well placed shower heads. You can also add numerous massage jets for a more comfortable bathing experience.
In case you're planning a bathroom remodeling project but don't want to install a full-fledged walk-in shower with a seat, then you can also add only the seat to your designated shower area at a significantly lower cost.