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Vinyl Vs. Aluminum Windows

Vipul Lovekar Feb 19, 2020
The advantages of a vinyl window is it reduces heating and cooling costs, boosts energy efficiency reduce noise. Whereas the advantages of an aluminum window is, it is aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain, increased levels of security and availability in virtually any color.
Replacing your old, worn out windows can give your home an instant makeover. However, swapping the old windows for new ones may not be easy on the pocket. Hence, this decision should be taken after enough research and deliberation.
Over the years, homeowners have started preferring vinyl windows over any other type of windows. But are they really better than aluminum windows, which are low on both acquisition and maintenance costs? The following write up is going to compare the two to help you choose the best one.


Vinyl Window: Vinyl is durable, as well as strong. It does not crack, split, peel or rot. However, it is less durable than aluminum.
Aluminum Window: It is long-lasting. In fact, many old buildings that were built in the 50s and 60s still have aluminum windows. Also, these types of windows are weather-resistant.


Vinyl Window: It is strong and almost entirely scratch-free. It is not easily malleable and hence, safe.

Aluminum Window: It is prone to dents and scratches. However, as it is quite light in weight, it makes a good choice for high-rise commercial buildings.


Vinyl Window: It comes in a wide array of colors. You can even find some that resemble real wood. Since the color is part of the material, it is scratch-proof, which gives it an aesthetic look.
Aluminum Window: It comes in different colors too. However, it might require regular touch-ups to maintain the shine of its painted exterior.


Vinyl Window: It is probably the least expensive window, available in the market today. If you want a good quality product but are on a tight budget, then vinyl is the one to go for.

Aluminum Window: It is less expensive, but if you add up the amount of the energy bills, it will prove to be quite an expensive choice.


Vinyl Window: It is very low on maintenance. Vinyl frames never need painting or refinishing, and they only need occasional cleaning. If you plan to install such windows, then you can definitely put away your painting brushes.

Aluminum Window: Windows made of aluminum are rust-free, but with time will start to oxidize and look dull.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl Window: It is more energy-efficient, because of good insulating properties. It shows resistance to heat during summer, and 'seals in' the heat in the winter season. This helps in cost-saving while cooling and heating the house.
Aluminum Window: It is the least energy-efficient window as it tends to hold on to the heat or cold. Because of its poor thermal resistance, heating and cooling the house can prove to be expensive.


Vinyl Window: It is the most popular type of window and, therefore, widely available.

Aluminum Window: It is not easily available as there are a few commercial suppliers who can provide this material for windows.

Environment- Friendly

Vinyl Window: Vinyl, being plastic, contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and is not biodegradable. Burning it, emits dioxins which are hazardous to the environment.

Aluminum Window: Aluminum can be recycled and is much more environment-friendly than vinyl.
After knowing the various aspects of these windows, if you still can't decide whether to opt for vinyl or aluminum windows, then let me tell you that this debate is never-ending. Replacing aluminum windows with vinyl windows is purely a matter of taste. You can also seek professional assistance in solving the issue.