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Splendid Valance Ideas

Mamta Mule Mar 9, 2020
Valances are among the best additions for a window treatment. Converting the large window of your living room into a focal point is an easy task with decorative valances. These help draw attention towards the window and make it attractive.
Valance designs can easily give a perfect finishing touch to a window treatment. It is important to pick the best one that complements your windows and curtains. With a number of styles in valances, you might get confused over choosing one and further pairing it with the right curtain.

Once you know about various valance styles, you can decide which one to opt for.

Best Options in Valances

Regal Valance

One of the highly popular valance types is, regal valance. This type of valance is a perfect pick for a wide and tall window. Moreover, if your house has elegant and grand interiors, a regal valance is definitely the ultimate pick. Next good option is a swag valance which works well for windows which have less width.
A rich fabric, is draped over the curtain rods, usually in plaits, with its ends left free on both ends of the rod. The main characteristic of this style is the ends of valance fabric, which hangs vertically a few inches or even more than that, on both sides of the window.
A regal valance also has similar ends which are kept flowing till the mid-point of the total height of the window. Well, these look simply awesome and quickly enhance the beauty of a window treatment.

Balloon Valence

Balloon valance is one of the beautiful valance ideas, which consists of layered fabric that is actually doubled over lengthwise forming a pocket at the bottom. The top part of this valance is then gathered over a curtain rod. Sometimes the pocket is stuffed with material like tissue paper to give it fullness and make it a perfect looking balloon valance.
This looks good especially in those rooms which have traditional decor. This also goes well with the Asian home decor. Butterfly valance is another good option. It is perfect for small windows and commonly chosen for spicing up the windows of kitchen, bathroom or kids' room.

Pleated Valance

Box pleated and pinch pleated valance are two options in this style. Pinch pleated valance looks more beautiful due to the small pleats and looks best for fabrics having tiny prints. Ascot valance is another type of valance that has a rod pocket on its top side.
The most popular design in this style is the one in which its central piece, usually an inverted triangle hangs down in the middle of the window. This is among the best valance ideas for small windows. You can use pleated or plain fabric in this type of valance.
Find out more information on window blinds. Apart from these types, tab top valances, and cornice valances are other types of valances used for window treatments.

Ideas on Adding Valances to the Window Treatments

With a number of styles, colors, materials and designs available in valances, you have a lot of scope of experimentation while adding this piece of drapery to the window treatment.
You can go for semi-circled, straight or triangle-shaped valance bottoms that fall on the curtains. Materials such as satin, voile, embroidered drapery fabrics, cottons, silk, cotton organza can be chosen for the valance.
For bay window or sunroom, you can have semi-circled valances made from semi-transparent fabric and pair them with voile curtains. Use of cotton fabric must be avoided for pleated valance styles.
Designs like floral prints, stripes, plaids and polka dots are very popular. Well, make sure these complement the curtains and rest of the home decor, especially the paint colors. Valances must highlight and play up the window drapery.
Combos like white curtains with red valance, purple curtains with gray or sheer silver valance, beige curtains with brown valance will work really well. One of the drapery ideas for living rooms having checkered furnishing for sofas is to have checkered valances and plain curtains.