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Types of Walls Used in Construction

Wall is a structure which helps in providing safety and shelter.
Tejas Katkar
Load Bearing Wall
These walls take the weight of the whole building structure.
Non-Load Bearing Wall
These walls are inside the building only to divide the rooms and they do not possess any structural integrity.
Brick Masonry Wall
These walls are constructed with the help of bricks. The thickness may vary from 10cm to 20cm
Shear Wall
These walls are constructed around the lift pit. They bear the pressure of  wind and soil.
Retaining Wall
These wall are built to maintain the unequal level of the ground on its two faces.
Random Rubble Stone Masonry Wall
These wall are constructed with irregular size of stones.
Precast Wall
These are ready made walls brought and fitted as per the need. One just needs to specify the length and height.
Curtain Wall
These types of wall are constructed with glass, aluminium or with a steel frame.
Wall is a continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land. So the next time you want to build one, do make a good choice.