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Types of Office Chairs

Mukulika Mukherjee Mar 3, 2020
Visit any modern-day office and you are bound to see different types of chairs. In this story we have enlisted a few commonly used ones along with their intended purpose.

Did You Know?

Office chairs are classified on the basis of the height of the backrest, the presence of adjustable features, and the presence or absence of wheels.
If you set out to buy office chairs, you'll be amazed at the wide variety of chairs available―so many styles, so many colors, and so many features! While most chairs allow you to adjust the height of the seat, the more advanced ones allow you to adjust the height of the armrest, and even the angle of the backrest.
Some of these chairs come with wheels attached to the legs to allow free movement for the person sitting on it.

In today's times, when most of us have to spend long hours at our workstations, it is of prime importance that we have comfortable chairs to sit on.
In fact, comfort should be the key criteria for choosing your office chairs, and if you're working for long hours, you should go for one that provides adequate support to your back and shoulders.

Different Types of Office Chairs

Confused about the many types of office chairs? Here's some info on the most common types.

Task Chairs

Task chairs are easily the most common chairs in most offices. These chairs are very basic in design, and have casters or wheels at the base. Another characteristic feature of task chairs is the swivel, which allows the chair to rotate in all directions.
When you're looking for a chair that would be used by a number of people, task chairs are a good option, because you can easily adjust the height of the chair to match the comfort level and convenience of different people.
This is what makes these chairs highly popular in the office environment, and the fact that they are reasonably cheaper only adds to their appeal.

Executive Chairs

Executive chairs are similar to task chairs for the fact that they can swivel, and have wheels and casters attached to the base. However, they have a higher backrest, and are much more comfortable to sit on, as compared to task chairs, partly because of the extra padding on the seat.
Another distinct feature of the executive chair is the presence of padding on the armrest. Also, these chairs allow you to adjust the angle of the backrest according to your comfort. The additional features make the executive chair more expensive than the other types.
They are mostly upholstered with leather and, as the name suggests, are generally used by top executives.

Guest Chairs

Guest chairs, as the name suggests, are meant for guests and visitors who come to the office for a brief period. These chairs are either placed at the reception or next to a desk. Guest chairs offer no flexibility and do not come with adjustable features, as they are not meant for sitting on for long hours.
Also, these chairs are not mobile, as they do not have wheels attached to the base. Also known as reception chairs, they are made of wood or hard plastic, and are available in a host of colors and funky designs. Creative workplaces use these chairs to create a look that reflects the colors of a particular brand or the company logo itself.

Mesh Chairs

Do you feel hot and sweaty while sitting at your desk? Well, then mesh chairs are probably what you should go for. Mesh is a perforated fabric that looks similar to a net. These chairs have the seat and the backrest made from mesh fabric, which allows effective air circulation, thus, keeping you cool for long hours.
Not only this, these chairs also have cushioned seats that are designed for comfort. Mesh chairs are popular because of the ventilation offered by the fabric, which makes it different from your everyday office chairs that are upholstered with thick fabric.
Sounds really cool (pun intended), isn't it? You can also get one for your home computer desk, to stay cool and comfortable for the entire day.

Ergonomic Chairs

An ergonomic chair is one that is designed to provide maximum support to the back. These chairs are recommended for people who suffer from back pain, or have been diagnosed with problems of the spine.
However, anyone who wants to feel comfortable while sitting for long hours should go for an ergonomic chair. These chairs have settings that allow you to adjust the height of the armrests, headrest, and a host of other things that add up to give you the comfort that can be hardly matched by any other chair.
The best thing is that these chairs provide adequate support to the lower back, and help you maintain the right posture while seated.

Conference Chairs

Also known as boardroom chairs, conference chairs come in many designs, and are meant for use in conference rooms during meetings. Even though these chairs are not meant to be sat on for long hours, they have to be comfortable as meetings can sometimes stretch for quite a while. Conference chairs that look great can add to the appeal of the boardroom.
These chairs are designed to offer comfort, but lack the mobility and adjustment settings that are present in chairs meant to be used at workstations. However, you can also find chairs with casters and wheels in certain boardrooms, and also chairs that offer a greater level of comfort to the one sitting on it.

Stacking Chairs

Stacking chairs are called so because they are designed in such a way that they can be easily stacked on top of one another, which makes it easier to store these chairs in a relatively smaller space. These chairs are usually made of hard plastic, and mounted on a steel frame.
They come in a host of attractive colors and are really versatile, for they can be used for multiple purposes. In an office environment, you'll usually find these chairs in the canteen or cafeteria. These chairs do not have casters or wheels, but are fairly mobile due to their light weight.
So, you see that there are quite a few types of chairs that you can chance upon in an office environment. If you're looking for an office chair, go for one that you find the most comfortable to sit on. Note that the right chair can make you love your workstation, which automatically translates to increased productivity.