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Awesome Designs for Decorating Tray Ceiling

Bidisha Mukherjee
These days many households have tray ceilings. If you have one in your house, you should opt for a suitable designs to make it more attractive. So, start to pick designs and give your house a new look.
Tray ceiling is the one where the ceiling resembles a tray that has been turned upside down.
The sides of this stylish ceiling usually have square edges arranged in the form of a series of steps along the wall to the flat surface of the ceiling.
The biggest advantage is that it increases the perceived height of the room.
It also provides an ample scope for decorating the ceiling.
It should be decorated in a way such that it complements the interior decoration of the rest of your house.


Crown molding is an effective way of framing up the ceiling. If you have a tray ceiling in places like the living room or dining room where your guests sit, then molding will help to attract their attention towards the roof.
It enhances the look of the entire room in manifold and the idea will be appreciated too. You should highlight the crown molding further with the help of a paint color like dazzling white or shades of rich brown on it.


While painting, you can experiment a lot as tray ceiling has a unique shape. The paint should give maximum prominence to its unusual features.
If you paint it with some dark shades, then it would add a sense of closeness and warmth into the room. On the other hand, a light color will give an open, bright and airy feel. You can also keep a same color for the walls, the tray steps and the ceiling.
You can keep the color of a ceiling a shade lighter than that of the walls. You are also free to use two contrast colors for the walls and the ceiling.
To create a design that is more interesting visually, paint the vertical portions of the tray steps and the walls with same color and the color in the horizontal sections of the tray steps and the ceiling should match with each other. This design looks wonderful on a crown molding.


Those who want to cover up the ceiling can either put up a wallpaper or install tiles on it. Select a rich textured wallpaper as it gives a dramatic look, and choose the color of tiles that complements with that of the walls.
Some tiles have designs engraved on them. Some are traditional and some are modern. Your choice depends on the kind of look you want for your interiors. You can easily install them as they are light in weight by applying any simple construction adhesive. Take care that they are fitted together quite well and the grooves between them are not visible.


Lighting has a vital role in decoration mainly because only the right kind of light fixtures enhance the beauty of paint colors or the crown molding or any other decor of the room.
An ordinary lighting often fails to provide the desired effect to the ceiling. Hence, you should come up with some unusual lighting ideas to enhance its look.
You can modify an antique piece of birdcage into an apparatus to hold the light. A modern chandelier lighting will give a classy look. If you hide the lighting fixture behind the molding, it would have truly a dramatic effect on the tray ceiling.
You can also opt for either recessed lighting fixture or hanging lighting depending on the kind of mood and ambiance you want to create in the room.