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Tips for Choosing the Right Coffee Table

Cheryl Mascarenhas
Quite an essential piece of furniture when it comes to decorating the living room, the coffee table is the hub of action. Keeping this very element in mind, here we will help you find the right table to suit your requirements.
Coffee tables were thought to be constructed in Renaissance England and are known to encourage conviviality and light conversation.
Coffee tables are one of the most essential and practical pieces of furniture, adorning the living room. It is invariably the hub where you can welcome your guest and make yourself more comfortable while relaxing on a day off at home.
Apart from filling the gap, coffee tables can also serve as a storage place in the living room. A coffee or cocktail table, as it is also known as, not only adds a finishing touch to your room, but often acts as the focal point of your room.

Plan Your Budget

Before you get to actually shortlisting a coffee table, you need to plan your budget.
In case you have just purchased a new house, you would have to invest in a lot of furniture. This means that the other pieces of furniture are as important as the table itself. Once your budget is in place, you are free to choose a table that will not only suit your requirement, but also be light on the pocket.

Layout and Setting

A lot depends on the mood you wish to create in the living room.
If you are looking at a room reserved to entertain guests, the furniture could lean on being a tad artistic, while a family room bustling with activity should incorporate a sturdy yet multi functional table. Apart from this detailing, the table should complement the furniture of the room, both in terms of color and size.

Size Matters

The most important aspect to be taken into consideration is the height of the table.
Ideally, the table should be about two inches lower than the sofa seat. In case you entertain a lot, you could opt for a table that is taller so that guests are at ease to set down plates and glasses.


A table that will hold your favorite magazines, books, and your child's toys seems more appropriate for a family living room.
Artistically crafted tables can be ideally used in rooms meant specifically for entertaining purpose.

Material Matters

While metal-framed tables lend a more modern and sophisticated look to the home, a wooden table speaks of warmth.
Choose a table that will stand the test of time, which means that you need to consider not only the usage, but also the material used to make the table sturdy and strong.

Style Matters

What style defines your home? Are you looking for a formal, informal, modern, or vintage look for your home?
A sleek metal table with a glass top will give you a contemporary feel, while a rustic oak table will give you a casual country feel.


When placing a coffee table on the patio or deck, you should ensure that it will stand the test of nature.
Tables set in stone or carved from wood seem the best bet here, while a glass table works fine for the indoors.
Before you pick a table to suit your needs, ensure it is child-friendly. Opt for tables with rounded edges so that you do not hurt yourself while moving around. Besides, it should be apt for the room.
Pair a large table with a large seating area, and likewise, a smaller table with a love seat or settee. The best way to breathe life and color in your otherwise dull living room is to opt for a table in bold colors.