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Things to Consider While Building a Wine Cellar at Home

Matt Thompson Oct 24, 2019
Pampering yourself with a glass of wine while listening to good music is everyone's dream. However, it’s not always attainable for everyone, especially those with a hectic schedule at work. No time for wine o'clock every evening because of traffic or overtime? Why not make your own perfect wine spot at home?
You can now bid goodbye to expensive bars and wine galleries just to take a sip of your favorite vino. You can now pamper yourself with good meals and a bottle of delicious wine right in the comfort of your own home.
If you’re keen about collecting your favorite wine labels but don’t have a proper storage area for it, building a wine cellar is one of the solutions. But of course, you don’t just build it anywhere you like then stack the wine bottles. No, that’s not it works.

Start Choosing a Good Bottle of Wine

It is essential that before building your wine cellar at home, you should know the wines that you want to store. Know the shapes of the bottles, their sizes, and the characteristics of the wines. These factors will help you identify the things that you should consider in building your own wine cellar.
There are a lot of fine wines online store that you can visit to purchase your favorite bottle. Some of these dealers and retailers will give tips on how to store the wine without compromising its taste.


It is essential that before building your wine cellar at home, you should know the wines that you want to store. Know the shapes of the bottles, their sizes, and the characteristics of the wines.
In building a wine room, you will need to install a cooling system. Therefore, you should make sure that you will choose an area where air can properly circulate. Measurement is also essential to successfully create your wine cellar. The walls and ceiling must be waterproof and protected against direct sunlight.


To keep your wine’s quality, you must make sure that you take control of the temperature inside the room. The recommended temperature is three to five degrees or 55 degrees Fahrenheit. To maintain these digits, you must invest in a unique cooling system such as a refrigerator or cooler.
Isolate your wine from windows or exterior walls to avoid sudden temperature changes. Once you have a reliable cooling system, you don’t need to worry about how you can keep the temperature between 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It will automatically condition the humidity of the room to keep your wine in good shape.

Display Features

To show off your collection of wines, you should have a unique design for your shelves. You can also consider having your own rack maker to customize it and to make sure that it would perfectly fit in your home cellar.
Consider putting the racks along the outer walls to have enough space. Having a spacious wine room will help you to decide which wine you want to taste with ease as you can move freely while looking for a specific bottle that you want to drink.
If you are planning to set a wine tasting event, then your visitors can easily see your wine collections. Maximizing the space will keep your wine safe from being shaken or falling on the ground because of unexpected scenarios. Pretty sure you don’t want your collection to be shattered in pieces without tasting them.


The lighting in a wine room is essential as well because it helps exude heat inside your wine cellar room. Remember that we have to keep the room in a well-conditioned temperature, and though the lighting does not contribute that much, at least it can help a little bit.
One of the reasons why most wine cellars are built in the basements because it is dark and cold. Of course, when selecting a wine to open, make sure that you have enough light to see the labels on the bottles.


Having your own wine cellar at home can benefit you a lot, especially if you’re a wine aficionado. Since drinking your favorite glass of wine is already accessible, then it would be easier for you to relax, especially after work.
According to Medical News Today, drinking wines can improve mental health and enhance heart health. So investing in a wine cellar at home is like investing for your good health. You can now start to build your own wine room anywhere in your house, and do not forget to consider all these useful tips.