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The Scandinavian Style Trend: 2020 Edition

Calling all the minimalist lovers, it might just be your time to shine.
Abbie Faulkner Jan 29, 2020
The Scandinavian style has been a driving force for many interiors across the globe, and we understand why. There really is beauty in simplicity, and the Scandi style represents and reflects this so well.

What Is Scandinavian Design?

This popular design originated from the Nordic countries in the mid 1950s.

Top Trends for 2020


  • Mid century modern furniture is the most common style in homes - They are widely appreciated by those who adore the minimalist style and design. It’s simple enough to achieve this look, but don’t get too excited and go overboard. Here are a few tips on how to have a minimalist style at home.


  • All about the windows – If you didn’t already guess, Scandinavian design calls for windows that allow for a lot of light, and we mean A LOT into the home. This not only makes your living space brighter, but it improves your overall mood and makes rooms appear larger.


  • Bringing back textiles – Also referred to as ‘accent pieces’, these are accessories and products that bring texture, and add a bit more depth to a room. The most common you’ll find is wool, sheepskin and mohair.

Bring Nature Inside

  • House plants – House plants are now your new best friends. It’s time to bring the outside in, and make your home a little more nature orientated. They’re able to bring an earthy element while adding a pop of colour too.

Bold Accents

  • Bold accents – The Scandinavian design’s favourite accent colour is blue. Don’t try to change it, it won’t work, it’s blue. Period. A bright blue colour will stand out but don’t overpower your interior. Simplicity is always best.