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The Latest Trend in Home Decor: Eco-friendly Products

sonal M Feb 28, 2019
The latest home decor trend is turning every corner of your home into an eco-friendly zone. Whether it is the living room or the balcony, having an eco-friendly living is what completes the living.

Home Decor

Home decor products make a house look elegant, attractive, and stylish. The broad spectrum of home decor products include frames, paintings, wall mirrors, furniture, clocks, wall hangings and many more. These in-demand home decor products are readily available in the market. Customers tend to spend more money on particular top-brands in the sector.
These products are available at a discounted rate and have become more affordable. However, using these decor items may also contribute towards exhausting our mother Earth. So people planning to redecorate their homes must choose eco-friendly products as a part of a contribution to the planet’s environment.
The inexpensiveness factor plays a crucial role in the evolution of a target market. The increasing research and development on eco-friendly products may boost the market growth of these products in the coming years.

Types of Home Decor Materials While Selecting Eco-Friendly Products

1. Best Out of Waste

While renovating, we discover many things left unused due to some imperfection. But one should try to reuse those things may be for a different purpose. For example, you have a set of old clothes, you can make a mat with them. Just crawl around the internet and there you will get thousands of ways to recycle things.

2. Check the Wood Quality Before Buying Furniture

If you are going to buy a new set of furniture make sure that the product is made from FSC-certified wood. The furniture and decor made with this organic wood are stamped by the FSC’s ‘tick tree’ logo. The wood from this quality standard is a lot better for the environment than the existing standard furniture.

3. Thermal Curtains

By replacing your standard curtains with thermal ones, you will definitely reduce the energy bills for many upcoming years. The selection is less expensive and good for the planet’s environment. The thermal curtains prevent air from entering in and keep heat inside. Thus, they are beneficial in homes with central heating or air conditioning technology.

4. Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is entirely different than our normal cotton. It is grown and harvested without using any type of harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is mainly present in home décor products like drapes, towels, blankets, pillows, and much more. So mostly prefer products made with organic cotton.

5. Prefer Low-VOC Paint

It is one of the most affordable ways to refresh the walls of your room. There are different types of colors present in the market. Those paints differ in many ways like a manufacturing process, texture, etc. Some of the paints contain a variety of harmful elements like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
These compounds may release toxic emissions into the atmosphere for an extended period after they have been put on the walls. Additionally, this is dangerous and unfavorable for planet and humans too. Until now, VOCs played a vital role in the performance of the paint. But after recent innovations, it is safe to buy a paint tin marked with a low-VOC label.

6. Bamboo

A well-organized and most popular eco-friendly material is bamboo. It is a type of grass that grows very quickly, and the crop does not require replanting after each harvest. The plant doesn’t need any fertilizer or pesticide to grow. Moreover, Bamboo can be used to make many décor items, and can also be used to make absorbent and soft fabrics.

7. Replace Carpets with Real Wood Floorings

Carpets are readily available products and the popular ones too. It gives a classy look to your home. But have you ever imagined these might be harmful to you? Yes, those carpets are full of chemicals and pollutants. It harms the mother Earth during the manufacturing process and also releases harmful toxins during its lifetime.

8. Fill Your Home With Greenery

Everybody is aware of this fact we studied in school - plants breathe CO2 and release oxygen in the air. Consequently, houseplants do the same thing alongside absorbing a lot of harmful toxins and chemicals. So, a simple way to go green is to fill your home with some houseplants. Add a houseplant or two in every room in your house.

9. Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

  • Install shower heads and toilets that are water saving.
  • Replace or repair any leakages in taps and pipelines to save water.
  • Use solar water heaters instead of electric geysers and boilers; this will save energy as well as money.
  • Two hand painted shower curtains is a great backdrop of any bathroom and are readily available in the market.
  • The moss bathmat seems like grass under roof. It is made from organic foam - Plastazote.
  • Ceramic tiles like Iris are made from raw materials. Also, the technique used to make them is environment-friendly. One can add color, texture, and style to the bathroom with these eco-friendly and stylish green tiles.
In the end, the rise of health-conscious people has increased demand for eco-friendly furniture and other furnishings. Additionally, people are earning more than spending. Thus, the fact is encouraging the evolution of the global home decor market.