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Furniture Ideas for Studio Apartments

Parul Solanki Mar 10, 2020
Select furniture for studio apartments based on the size of the apartment and the space allocated for each living area. It is always preferable to go for the necessary items as of its compact size. Multipurpose, built in furniture can save a lot of space and also your labor in cleaning them!
Owing to the skyrocketing price of real estate, studio apartments are gaining more and more popularity in the past few years. These apartments are preferred mainly by students and bachelors, who either live alone, or share it with roommates.
These studio or single-room apartments are difficult to design and decorate due to their limited space. Because of the space constraint, the apartment tends to look cluttered and messy. Furnishing these kinds of apartments can be quite a problem, since the limited space needs to be converted into a multi-utility living space.
Choosing the furniture requires imagination and creativity on your part, which would in turn, combine efficiency, comfort, function, beauty, and style. Here are some great furniture plans that will help you add fashionable accents to your apartment.

How to Choose Furniture for a Studio Apartment

When you rent, or purchase a studio apartment, the first thing that comes to your mind is the furniture. What kind of furniture should I be buying? Where will all this fit? Will my heavy, colonial-style furniture look good in the small space? Well, these questions are bound to pop up in your mind; so, here are the things that you need to keep in mind.

Demarcate the Space

It is very important for a studio apartment to have a sense of space and privacy. Since there is no physical demarcation between the bedroom and the living room, it is necessary to divide the space. Although it might seem difficult, a little perception and visualization can help you achieve that.

Make Specific Living Areas

To better utilize and manage the limited space, make separate living areas. This makes it easy to set the furniture. Bookcases, freestanding screens, or blinds work well as room dividers.
It is also a good idea to paint your walls in a muted color, like off-white, eggshell white, or taupe. For a clean look, paint the walls in off-white and add color by displaying some eye-popping furniture, or wall art.

Scale of Furniture

Size is the important aspect while choosing the furniture. Studios being often tiny, cozy furniture works best to make the room look bigger. The more the floor area is visible, the larger the room appears. When buying furniture, imagine how it will look in your apartment. It is advisable to take the measurements of the room while looking for your furniture.

Set a Theme

A single theme will give your apartment a harmonious feel. Choose the theme which will not overdo the design. Keep the things simple, yet well-defined. Cluttering the already small space with random bric-a-brac can make the room seem smaller.

Creating a Focal Point

Small spaces need a focal point. So, to keep the space clean, simple and minimalistic, decorate it with a single dramatic piece like a large red couch or a bed rather than cluttering it up with small pieces of furniture.

Layout of the Furniture

Decorating small spaces is a daunting task. The apartment plans need to be both functional and attractive to enhance the look of the small space. This is where you need to think about the layout of the room and which furniture fits where.

The Essential Layout

While decorating the studio, arrange the furniture so that traffic can move smoothly through the space. An "L-shaped" layout works well here without bumping into one another or the furniture and it define the functional areas better.
The bedroom being a private space could be in one corner, or if the apartment has a recessed area, like an alcove, it can be used as the bedroom area.

Type of Furniture

As there is very limited space, it is advisable to opt for minimum and basic furniture items. Studio apartments look great with minimalistic furniture as they give a sense of space. Heavy, antique-looking sofas and beds add bulk, making it look small and clustered.
Choose beds that are not very heavy and ornate. Instead, opt for sleek bed designs that have legs higher off from the floor to add some floor visibility. Beds with drawers are also a great option to store things.
The sofa is another important piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space. To avoid that, you can opt for a loveseat and a wing-back chair. The wing-back chair can also act as the focal point in the room.
Built-in wardrobes work best for studio apartments. Opt for a space-conscious furniture. Invest in it, such as the staple sleep sofa, daybeds, a loft bed, or futons. Include things, like a small cart to fit your television, wall-mounted shelves, and plastic see-through shelves.
For the cooking area, you need to be smart about storage. Built-in cabinets for your cutlery and appliances will free your kitchen from clutter. Paint the cabinets in white, or ivory color. Frosted glass cabinets work well, too.
A small round glass-top table with wrought iron chairs serve the purpose of a dining table without taking up too much space. Stay away from heavy wooden chairs and tables. In fact, look for clear glass chairs to go with your table.

Accessories for Your Studio Apartment

As you know, accessories can make, or break an attire. Keeping the same logic in mind, pick the right accessories for your room. Using the right add-ons to furnish your room can enhance the aesthetics and give it a more personalized appearance. However, it is extremely important not to go overboard in designing the space.
The best accessories for studio apartments could be a modern chandelier, floor lamps of different shades, statement clocks, rugs, and a houseplant. For white walls, these accessories can add some color. Break the monotony with bright-colored chandeliers, or floor lamps.
Mirrors are another item that should be included in your list, as they help in visually enlarging small spaces. Place them opposite to the windows or go all the way and get yourself a mirror wall!