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Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

Mamta Mule Feb 19, 2020
Studio apartments offer a huge scope for improvement and fancification. While these do not have walls and separate rooms, you can create a customized space that looks just the way you want and get it converted into a smart living space.
A studio apartment is basically a single room which consists of cooking area, dining area, relaxing and sleeping space. While all these sections are combined in one room, it includes a bathroom which has proper walls and door.
Though a studio apartment doesn't have rooms separated with walls, designing the same smartly can help you turn it into a house that consists of all the essential sections.
I must mention that the size of a studio apartment plays an important role in this project. Mentioned below are some studio apartment decorating ideas. If implement well, these can definitely give a makeover to the open space and turn it into a perfect looking house.
Though small apartments can leave less scope for designing and decoration, you can choose the most essential elements among those mentioned below and ready your house.

Smartly Section-off the Interior Area

When you start off the project of decorating studio apartment, the first thing that you need to do is create proper sections. This basically means designating separate areas for kitchen, bed and living space. In case of compact studio apartments, sleeping space and living room remains the same.
Dining area can be used to separate kitchen and living area. Keep cooking area in a corner and bed can be kept at another corner. Using kitchen island as a dining table is great idea. This saves space that a separate dining table will occupy. Moreover, this combo offers more cooking space and works as a serving table, along with a table to dine together.
Living area can be well-organized to accommodate the television set and music player. Well, now that the basics are worked out, clean the entire space, de-clutter and sort out necessary and thrash items. Get ready to implement the next set of ideas for decorating studio apartment.

Room Partitions are the 'Must Haves' of Studio Apartments

While studio apartments miss the much-needed privacy factory, you can add the same using partitions. I am sure most of you would love to implement this idea. An opaque foldable partition is ideal pick for your studio apartment. Use this to create a bedroom at one end of the apartment.
A semi-transparent piece can be used to form a separate area for study or relaxing. There is a huge variety available in wood, acrylic fiber, tinted, frosted or clear glass, metal or fabric and metal combo room partitions.
Moreover, most of the pieces have foldable structure so that you can have a larger area to use whenever needed. A piece of furniture can also be smartly used as a room partition. Here's one such idea. Buy a shelf that is as tall as the top boundary of house windows and wide enough to work as a partition.
Now, place this in between living space and sleeping area, so that it works as a room partition and hence, forms a private space for bedroom. Ensure that the doors and drawers of this tall shelf open in the living space. A wide closet, wardrobe, book shelf or a large television stand can be used in the way to create room partition in studio apartment.

Get in Space Saver and Multi-Functional Furniture

One of the important studio apartment decorating tips is 'no excess furniture'. Remember, if you want to divide the area properly, so use the furniture sparingly and smartly. Place a sofa bed in living area, which can be opened up and used as a bed when needed. Add two matching, but lightweight chairs to make a good sofa set.
You can move these chairs to any other section whenever required. Wall embedded closet and a bed with storage space are the most important furniture units for bed area. Fix loft cabinets in the bedroom and enjoy a lot of storage space overhead. Opt for sleek and foldable set of table and chairs for study, if required.
Having your television set fitted right on a wall will save a lot of space. Or have a multifunctional furniture unit with a mix of open and closed shelves that accommodate entertainment center and many other things like, books, show pieces and other household stuff.
Kitchen can have a mix of open and closed shelves overhead and tall pull out trolleys that will look attractive and hold most of the cooking essentials.

Spice Up the Space With Fancy Add-ons

While the entire set up is done, it is time to jazz up the space. Though small, studio apartments can look really amazing with the right decor pieces added to beautify the space. Explore the options in room illumination and grab those classy chandeliers and contemporary pendant lamps.
Colorful pendant lamps are sure to spruce up your studio apartment. Proper illumination is essential to make the area look bigger and brighter. Add pendant lamps over the kitchen island as well. Get in bright and rich furnishings. Add colorful throw pillows to the sofa set. Rugs and tall curtains are the ultimate elements that can be used for space makeover.
Well, thick and opaque, ceiling to floor curtains can also be used as space partition. Isn't it one of the coolest studio apartment decorating ideas?
Follow a soft color theme and match furnishings with wall colors to create a nice ambiance. If possible, have the furniture items, including kitchen trolleys, cabinets, closet, bed and overhead storage finished with colored veneers that blend with the apartment color theme.
Decorating a studio apartment smartly and creatively can make it look better than a proper 2/3 bedroom apartment. Remember, while you work on the same, do not clutter the floor and entrance area so that the apartment looks spacious as soon as you enter in.
The above mentioned studio apartment decorating ideas will definitely help you. So, are you eager to decorate your studio apartment? Just start off!