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Stucco Siding Cost

Rutuja Jathar
The cost of a stucco siding is obviously above average as compared to any other type of house siding, but it is really aesthetic and elegant, and worth its price.
Stucco siding received immense popularity in the US in 20th century. It is typically seen more in the Spanish architecture and mission style architecture as well. It is one of the most elegant of all the different types of house sidings.
This siding comes in a variety of textures and gels greatly with every type of exterior paint. It is basically a combination of Portland cement and lime sand, that is mixed in water, for better formation of the stucco.


Stucco siding is easy to apply and is equally easy to maintain. It keep the cool air inside the house and distributes the air evenly on the exterior wall surface. If well maintained (hardly any) stucco siding can last great for more than 25 years as well. The key is the stucco installation and the siding repair.

Type of Stucco

There are several types of stucco available in the market, according to which the cost varies to a greater extent. The normal cement stucco is cheaper than the synthetic stucco (exterior insulation). Both types are well durable and are easy to maintain at the same time.
While deciding the cost, it is also very important to see for the market availability of the siding material as well. All the required materials must be ordered at a time, so as the expenses can be controlled. If the siding material is available in the nearest market or home improvement store, then that cuts off the charges to a great deal.


Prices depend on the installation process of the stucco and the manner of the installation. There are 3 steps that are needed to be performed very neatly so as to limit the expenses and have the desired effect as far as the exterior home decorating is concerned. Gathering enough material that is needed to complete all the steps of installation, is a must.
Enough slates that are needed to be nailed, wire mesh and the exterior concoction of concrete are a few of the essentials, needed to install the stucco siding. There are two ways of installation - professional and the DIY. Later one is of course the cheaper one, provided you have adequate information about it.

Repair and Maintenance

It is a fact that stucco siding is arguably the best of them all, when it comes to durability and efficiency. There is one limitation to this statement though and that is the proper knowledge about repairing a stucco.
As a matter of fact, this siding is a bit brittle, and hence, there are always chances of the material to get small holes and patches on the surface of the siding. These patches and holes are needed to be examined and cured on time so that the siding is not needed to be 're-installed' and that can save the unwanted and additional cost.
Considering all these points, average stucco siding cost for installation is USD 7 to USD 9 per square feet. Maintenance charges and painting charges of the siding are not included here, as these charges can vary according to the area of the house and the surface that is to be colored, respectively.
Factually, sand stucco and cement or concrete stucco is always cheaper than the latex of synthetic stucco siding. As per the convenience, choose the best and enjoy the benefits! Have a nice time!