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Storage Ideas for Small Laundry Rooms

Sailee Kale
A small laundry room can look messy and overcrowded if things are not stored properly. It's important to store everything neatly so that the room remains clutter-free. Here are some easy storage ideas to organize a small laundry room.
Organizing and storing things in a cramped-up laundry room can seem to be a difficult task, especially if you do not have adequate storage space. It is just one of those rooms in a home where things get piled up without a thought, and then to unclutter it can seem like a nightmare.
However, even a tiny laundry room can look neat and clean if you put away everything in properly designated storage spaces.
It all comes down to making optimum use of every available inch of space in the area, so you are left with enough space to do the laundry, keep all the necessary items, and move around. Here are some small laundry room storage ideas which can prove to be very helpful when you have a space crunch.

Storage Solutions for Small Laundry Rooms

▶ To make maximum use of the space available, the trick is to go vertical. Make use of the walls to hang and store all items. Buy wall-mountable shelves which will hold all the items that otherwise may lie scattered around on the floor, on top of the washer/dryer or on the window sill.
Arrange them so they are well-spaced, which will not make the room appear congested. Or, install wall cabinets, provided you have enough space and they are an affordable option.
▶ Sort all the detergents, bleaches, stain removers, and softeners you have. Throw away all old and empty bottles and products that have remained open but unused for a long time.
Arrange them in shelves or racks. Look for shelves that are easy to place over the washer; they take up minimum space and are meant for small laundries. These shelves must hold only laundry-related items.
Anything that's not needed in the laundry should be moved to its appropriate location elsewhere in the house. Buy baskets and boxes of various sizes and shapes to keep and organize all items. There are also storage compartments that are custom-made to fit into the space between adjacent washers and dryers; a great way to store everything and save space.
▶ How you keep the washer and dryer is an important aspect when you are faced with limited space in a small laundry room. Stacking them one above the other is a good option.
If you have placed them next to each other, and if they are front-loading, a countertop built on top of them can prove to be a great place for storing items, and may even double up as an ironing surface if you do not have an ironing board.
Some washers and dryers are equipped with storage drawers at their base to hold laundry-room accessories; a feature you must look out for if you want to purchase a new washer and dryer.
▶ Use a small laundry hamper to keep your soiled clothes, or use one that can be hung on the back of the door. If you feel that the hamper or basket is taking up too much space, you can move it into the bedroom or bathroom to free up some floor space.
▶ A trash can is a must-have accessory in a laundry room to throw the used fabric softener sheets and lint collected from the washer and dryer. Buy a small trash can, one that can be placed in a corner or even on a rack, and empty it everyday.
You could also keep a small plastic box to put all the loose change, bits and pieces of paper, and other small stuff you come across in various pockets before you start doing the laundry.
▶ If you need drying racks to hang your delicates, invest in ones that are foldable. And once the clothes have dried, fold up and put the racks away so you free up the used space.
▶ Store the ironing board by hanging it on the wall or the back of your door. You could even keep it in between the washer and dryer if they are adjacent to each other and there is enough space.
▶ Buy laundry hooks, clips, and hangers; they come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit your requirement.
Wall-mounted hooks and clips can be hung onto cabinets, walls, or the door to put a host of items and clothes that you need on a regular basis in the laundry room. If the space is too limited and a dryer rack is difficult, use multi-tiered hangers or install a rod for hangers which can be used for drying clothes which must be drip-dried.
▶ If you want to install custom-built cabinets on the walls, a better idea would be to use glass doors instead of wooden ones. The idea behind it is that glass gives a minimalistic and a more spacious look to a cramped room. Another benefit is that it is easier to see what's inside the cabinet. (Just be sure that you keep the cabinets clutter-free always!)
Once the dryer cycle is complete, iron whatever is required and fold and put away all the clothes. Clean the lint screens, and put away all the used laundry items in their place. Cleaning and organizing the laundry room as soon as you are done with the laundry will keep it neat and tidy; and save you from a ton of cleaning later.
Keep everything off the floor and clean the room everyday. A small laundry room can look even more cramped if the walls are painted too dark or if it's poorly lit. Install adequate lighting and keep the windows open whenever possible. Even though the laundry room is small, you need not sacrifice on style.
A beautiful wallpaper, tile backsplash, and a vase with fresh flowers can add pizzazz to the room. Oftentimes, the laundry room serves a dual purpose by becoming the storage room in most houses. It is therefore essential to plan the storage space carefully, so things are in place and you get what you need without spending too much time looking for it.