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Combat Noise Pollution With Soundproof Window Treatments

Chandramita Bora Mar 7, 2020
The rising level of noise pollution can deteriorate your quality of life by disturbing your sleep even within the relaxing atmosphere of your home. For reducing the level of noise, soundproof windows are the best option. Let's discuss about the same.
Modern city life is not only plagued by an increasing level of air and water pollution but a high level of noise pollution as well. The increasing demand for new residential areas has forced the selection of sites for building houses closer to industries, factories, and even highways.
People living in these areas often face the problem of noise pollution which besides creating many other problems, is responsible for causing sleep disorders. So if your house is located in such a place, you might have experienced several sleepless nights because of all the noise.
It is common knowledge that a healthy and restful sleep plays an important role in maintaining health and vigor. Not getting enough sleep can cause many health problems and increases the level of stress and anxiety, which can impact your performance in the workplace.
In this regard, soundproof window treatments can provide a viable solution by insulating your home from the disturbing noises of the outside world.


Soundproof windows can significantly increase the level of comfort and quality of life. It has been estimated that windows and doors account for more than 90% of outside noise entering your house.
Therefore, soundproof windows can significantly reduce the level of noise inside your home. They can also be used in offices to create a better working environment for workers, which will enhance their performance and productivity.
As has been claimed by many products, soundproofing windows can be helpful in reducing the level of noise inside home and offices by up to 95%. They have some other advantages like blocking sunlight and preventing the penetration of harmful ultraviolet rays.
As less sunlight filters through, you will use air-conditioning less often, thus saving on energy and fuel costs. They act as a barrier for allergens like pollen, dust and mites and so, they can be beneficial for allergic people.
They can also protect your furniture and equipment from dust, dirt, pollen and ultraviolet rays. Hence, a soundproof window will not only ensure proper sleep and rest, but can increase the longevity of your furniture as well.


For soundproofing your windows, you need not remove your existing windows, as soundproof windows can be usually placed on the backside of your original windows. Installation is very easy and does not cause much trouble.
Soundproof windows are made from laminated glass and also contain an inner layer of plastic. They would not change the look and functionality of your windows, i.e. your windows can be opened and closed in the same manner as before.
Along with the original window, they can effectively insulate home from any outside noise, as a sound buffer zone is created between the two windows. The air trapped inside the thin space created between the two windows dampens the sound waves passing through them and thereby reduces the level of noise. It can also control the temperature and the humidity.
Other ways to soundproof windows is to use thick panes instead of thin ones. Thick panes will diminish the intensity of sound passing through them. Install two thick double panes for maximum result. The air space present between double panes also plays a vital role in minimizing the sound.
The more the air, the better the soundproofing quality. Another option you can try is to block the gaps between the panes with window plugs. These plugs are typically made of fiberboard or insulated foam, which are very effective in blocking out excess noise.
Other window treatments used for soundproofing are drapes and curtains. Heavy drapes and curtains made from fabrics which muffle sounds are a good option. You can also sew in curtains made of sound-absorbing products over your existing drapes to tone down outside noise.
To sum up, soundproof window treatments can be an important investment that will enhance the quality of your life and home. However, the quality of different products may vary considerably depending on different manufacturers.
Thus, proper research on different soundproof windows can help you make an informed decision and can make your home a place to rest, relax, and rejuvenate yourself.