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Small Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Aastha Dogra Mar 14, 2020
Undertaking the task of a small kitchen makeover is doable, but tricky. Read on to get all the ins and outs of how to transform your kitchen that works in your favor.
It's never about the size of a kitchen that determines how the design and layout will look. From an interior designer's point of view, the answers or ideas are hidden in how well you can use the space provided for the task.
Of course, everyone dreams about having a spacious kitchen where every item has its own designated place, all sorts of appliances in there, and perhaps a fancy kitchen island as well. But that's not always a possibility.
If you have found an apartment or a home that doesn't give you adequate kitchen space, there are ways to transform the way your kitchen looks once and for all. With innovative ideas, you can have a kitchen of your dreams.

6 Ways to Alter Your Kitchen

With a few suggestions given, you will be able to find a way to create more space in your small kitchen. These ideas will not be asking you to break down any walls or move too many things here and there.

Remove the Clutter

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all the things that do not belong in the kitchen. Women stores their mail, laundry, even some old clothes in their kitchen. Please get rid of all such extra stuff and use the kitchen only for preparing meals.

Plan The Layout

A good way to design the layout will be to find designated places for your stove, sink, and refrigerator. Also, if you work out the space for cooking, you can include a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table for 2 or 4; depending on the space available afterwards.

Buy Sleek Appliances

By 'Sleek' it means appliances that won't eat up too much space. From pint size microwave, two-burner stove, to multi-purpose kitchen sink can all be great ideas to consider.

Go for Built-in Storage

Another useful idea is to opt for built-in storage; especially if you have a very limited space. You can place your dishes, utensils, pots, pans, appliances, pantry items, and so much more in these spaces.

Utilize Wall Space

For storing various things in the kitchen, you can use the wall space. Put some racks on the wall or simply drill some nails, and you can hang everything, right from utensils to fruit baskets on the walls.

Creative Kitchen Design

Do you know that painting the kitchen in light color will automatically give it a very spacious and airy feel? Select complementing shades for your cabinets and flooring. If you are planning to have floor tiles, go for the large-sized ones, so that the kitchen look spacious.
Basically, all you require is a little bit of creativity and thinking outside-the-box. So, what are you waiting for? See whether the suggestions provided here can be applied in your kitchen and add your own creative flare to it; you will definitely come up with a great plan that suits your style and budget.