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Small Bedroom Design

Pushpa Duddukuri Mar 14, 2020
When you think of small bedrooms, it's an image of a cramped dorm room, overstuffed with furniture, too many books squeezed in and hardly any space to take 2-3 steps. But there are certain design tips for a complete room makeover, a pleasant contrast to your small room stereotype.


Mix up solid earthy colors like deep green or burgundy for the walls, and hang curtains which match the walls to bring about a feel of the Asian style. Apart from the wall colors and curtains, the accessories hold the key to an Asian themed small bedroom design.
Bamboo furniture, blinds, silk bedding and drapes, lamps and lanterns are few areas which you can work on to obtain an oriental home decor. Similarly, you can go for cottage theme or any theme with a good color scheme.



The focal point of any bedroom is obviously the bed. While furnishing a small bedroom, keep in mind that the bed is also the biggest space occupying object in the room.
hence a smaller but comfortable bed is the right furniture in a small bedroom to create the illusion of space. Buying a low-level bed is another way of making the bed seem smaller than it actually is. For kids' bedroom, you can have bunk beds and chests cum tables for storage.


Shop for closets and dressers which are long and take up minimum of the floor space. For storage, use the under bed area, but that doesn't necessarily mean shoving everything under the bed.
Keep everything as neatly as possible because neat and clean bedrooms appear roomier than a cluttered one.


Wall colors play a crucial role in making the room seem bigger. Light, pastel shades are the most popular interior paint colors and combinations.
Choose only one color for the entire room as more colors on the walls give the impression of a smaller room. Cucumber green is one of the most relaxing color for adorning the walls.
Also, the dusty navy hue can bring a tropical feel to the walls. Texturing the wall paints should be avoided as it can tone up the walls and thus, limit the space.


For bedroom decorating, lighting also plays a crucial role for creating the right kind of effect one wants. Light colored walls look drab and boring in low lights.
Instead choose bright lighting fixtures for small bedroom lighting. The lighting fixtures should be installed closer to the bed for making the room look spacious.

Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

In small spaces, everything should have a purpose. Therefore, whatever item or furniture you want to keep in your spatially challenged bedroom, just make sure that they are of complete utility. Here are some tricks that can fool the eyes and give an airy appearance to your room.
~Buy only multifunction furniture for your bedroom. For instance, a bed with multiple drawers to store your accessories, bedding, etc. You may have to get custom-made furniture to suit the needs of your room.
~Keep your furniture at angular places and away from the walking area. Make sure that your furniture is not too tall as it can give an impression of space crunch.
~Paint your bedroom in vertical stripes and create the desired illusion of higher ceiling.
~Accessorize the bedroom with a mirror that reflects the centerpiece of the room. By doing this, you can focus attention to your window, fireplace or sofa. For the wide wall of the room, install a larger mirror that will make the room seem bigger than it actually is.
~Sometimes heavy curtains make the room seem tiny. Instead, you can choose to have blinds that let some sunlight into the room and make the room more bright and airy.
~By having open shelves in the wall, you can properly take the advantage of the wall space. You can store your books, CDs and other stuff in these. Moreover, open shelves don't give a claustrophobic feeling which can arise because of too many closets in the room.
Even though small bedrooms pose a makeover challenge, it's not that difficult to create an impression of open space. Apply these tips and change your room from being cluttered to cozy, from erratic to elegant and from small to spacious.