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Shower Tub Combo Ideas

Narayani Karthik Mar 15, 2020
A home is incomplete without the right bathroom decor. There are many designs which might confuse you while selecting. Then think of getting a shower tub combo. So, consider your requirement and money factor to choose a correct design.

Ways to Combine Shower and Tub

A lukewarm shower after a hectic day at work is the most natural stress buster one can avail. And sometimes, you just feel like drifting away in a bubble soak with a tinge of essential oils.
So if you are thinking of bathroom remodeling, then you might want to try out this shower tub duo which can serve your purpose aright. Here, are some suggestions, which you can implement in remodeling your bathrooms by adding both a master bath and a nice shower.

Ceramic Alcoves

This is one of the oldest ideas for a shower and tub combo, which is set into an alcove of ceramic tile.
The ceramic casing protects the walls from extra moisture and the whole arrangement looks like some waterproof shower stall with a bathtub inside. The base of the tub can also be made from acrylic or porcelain or metal or even fiberglass.

One Piece Combination

A one piece combo is the most common and sought after choice for a bathroom cabinet.
The entire case fits perfectly as a ceramic alcove, but here the work incurred before tiling and making the casing is less as compared to the previous case. The casing is constituted of a shower head and a tub faucet, with the shower head at times, protruding from the ceiling as well.

A Sectional Cut

This kind of a shower with tub combo comprises a bathtub (which is made from fiberglass or acrylic), that can be sectioned and placed into the tub alcove appropriately.
The installation of this set is much easier and is flexible enough to incorporate new units, if any. The tub is first placed in the space and the shower head is well fitted into the alcove, right above the tub (overlapping the tub top). Also, porcelain can be used for making the tub in this design.

Combining the Steam Shower and Tub

A classic blend of steam, shower and a nice stress relieving body soak, can liven up your mood and body for the right reasons! And a steam shower tub combo just relieves you off all the stress factors.
The case has an enclosure, that is differentiated by two sections, divided by doors. And the fixtures like sauna heater and the shower generator are fixed across these sections.
The best feature about this combo is the steam shower with a whirlpool bathtub, that adds on to the sauna effect. Besides, there are various other supplementary facilities, like a foot massage unit, a music connection, a phone set, aroma treatment, etc., which will make it a complete luxury combo of your dreams.
This bathroom facet is best for people who suffer from respiratory ailments like asthma, sinus, bronchitis and allergies. Also, it is a known fact, how steam bath aids in detoxification.
For safety purpose, down grab rails are also attached to help people with disabilities to eliminate any risks of slipping or falling. Also, make sure to add lever control shower taps, as a safety measure. Relaxing in deep soaking bathtubs just feels like heaven, and with a combination of shower, ought to complete your bathroom model.
So, now that you know about the various shower tub combos, go incorporating them as a part of your bathrooms and experience the much anticipated tranquility.
After all, bathing is a time, when the mind and the body relax with the muscles flexing comfortably and the spirits being livened up. So all of it, the purpose attached with the luxury factor comes in the form of this wonderful combo!