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Shower Tile Ideas

Mamta Mule Mar 11, 2020
Shower area is one of the most important sections of your bathroom. To make it look wonderful, is always a top priority while remodeling the bathroom. Try some amazing shower tile ideas that will definitely spruce up the look of the complete bathroom, keeping in mind the utility and maintenance factor.
While you plan to refurbish a shower enclosure or shower section in your bathroom, considering the wall and floor tiles installed in this area is essential. Good looking tiles can instantly enhance the look of entire shower area.
Pleasure of taking a refreshing hot shower will be definitely enhanced with beautiful tiles surrounding it. Moreover, shower stall is the focal point of a bathroom and hence, giving it a perfect look is essential to ensure that the overall bathroom looks well designed. Most people, nowadays opt for large and comfortable shower spaces.
With the increasing craze of shower spaces in the bathroom, making them visually appealing has become a priority for many. As tiles are among the most prominent elements of a shower space, once you choose the best ones, you are sure to a shower area that looks elegant.

Pick Shower Tiles in Right Colors

Deciding on the color of tiles is an important part of the entire remodeling exercise. So, first choose the colors according to the effect that you wish to create in this space. Choosing between light-colored tiles and dark-colored tiles, depends upon your idea of final look of this space.
Light-colored tiles will help create a soothing space. Those who think that light shades are too boring, can opt for dark-colored tiles that can also form a great looking, lively shower area. Decide the color scheme as to whether it is going to be a contrast or monochromatic.
Remember to choose shower tiles that will go well with rest of the bathroom. If you need a cool look, opt for fresh colored tiles that complement each other well.
If you need an extremely funky look, opt for contrasting or vibrant colored tiles. Light colored tiles will make the shower area look larger, but they might also look dull after a few days.
Dark tiles look trendy, but make the area look cramped and small. So opt for dark shades only if you have a larger area dedicated for shower.
Neutral base tiles in warm earthy tones are good picks for shower area of any dimension. Browse through the contemporary collection, which includes glossy silver tiles and bright shades that can give a plush feel to this section.
Forming beautiful patterns with creative placement of tiles is a smart idea.
Contrasting colors or tones of same colors can be creatively placed to form lovely shower tile patterns on the wall. Opt for polished mosaic tiles and lay them in lovely patterns on shower walls.
One of the master shower tile ideas is to highlight the wall, on which shower panel is fixed. As this is the focal wall you can use dual colored tiles on the same. Install dark tiles to form a tall rectangular section which has a border of light-colored tiles.
A wall that is finished with single colored tiles can be decked up by adding a row of designer tiles at waist level, to form a continuous horizontal line. Well, match these with the floor tiles and have a contemporary styled shower space ready.
Look for various tile layout ideas to jazz up the space using simple tiles. Brick layout, diamond layout, honeycomb layout and other such layout patterns can be checked out.
The shower tile ideas deal with picking best type of tiles for flooring and walls of shower section and rest of the bathroom. Browse through the variety of tiles available for decking up your shower space.
You can find ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, glass tiles, slate tiles, marble tiles, etc., which come in myriad vibrant hues and textures. Well, the design patterns you can come up with, using these tiles are numerous. Same tiles can be installed for wall and flooring to create a uniform effect. Small mosaics work best in this case.
One of the modern wall tile ideas is to use small mosaic tiles of dark and light color together to create an appealing effect. You can use same type and color of tiles for flooring and wall.
To play up the look, add an extra tile design pattern on the wall or flooring. Also, make sure that floor tiles have frictional grip, as slippery tiles can lead to accidents.
Decide whether you want the shower area to look different from rest of the bathroom or a part of your bathroom. Accordingly, match the tiles used in shower area with those used in rest of the bathroom. Else, opt for completely different looking tile patterns and colors for shower area. In any case, entire bathroom decor must look appealing at the end.
Apart from these ideas on bathroom shower tiles and designs, here some unique additions to further spice up this area. Grout can be used as an element to enhance the shower area, which is available in many colors. Choose a perfect color to complement the shower tiles and play up their look and the overall layout.
Opting for contrast or matching colored grout while installing new shower tiles is another idea. Giving your shower an elegant touch is quite easy with a wall mural. Opt for a prepackaged mural which can be fixed on the wall to create a central focal point.
Add complementary tiles around it and have a shower area that many would like to duplicate. With these ideas, you will surely have a shower section that looks excellent. So, choose your options carefully and get them worked to have a relaxing and pleasant shower area that everyone would love to have in their bathroom.