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Shower Stalls: Cozy Bathroom Shower Enclosures

Neil Valentine D'Silva
The primary reason for installing an enclosure would be to save up on space with the bathroom. These cubicles fit neatly on a corner wall and add to the sleekness of the bathroom. In addition, they provide some degree of privacy when you are having your shower.
Shower stalls are a fairly common bathroom fixture in our times, most probably because we are just too busy to have a leisurely bath in a bathtub nowadays. 
Turn on the shower, have a quick splash and get on with your business - this seems to be the norm of our morning. These stalls, also known as shower enclosures are simply cubicles with a shower attachment in them, which are large enough to accommodate one standing person in them. They can be easily installed in any area of the bathroom.
You can have opaque shower stalls so that someone else can easily use the rest of the bathroom when you are in your shower.

Keeps the bathroom cleaner

Apart from better utilization of space, these also keep your bathroom cleaner.
If you have a shower without a stall, the water will splash all around the bathroom and even the doors and cabinets in the bath. That would just make them rot faster and harbor insects and worms in the bathroom. These stalls keep the water confined inside the area.

Quicker than the traditional bathtubs

While you have to wait for the bathtubs to fill up and then add the soap and all, the showers just need the faucet to be turned on. There are both hot and cold water faucets and you can mix the temperatures to get the right kind of temperature you want.

Fleet of variations

In Shower Stalls

There is virtually unending variety in the bathroom shower stalls.
The material with which they are made is quite diverse, for starters, like you can have them made of glass, fiberglass, tempered glass, plastic, acrylic and several others. The main characteristic is that the material should be waterproof, heat-proof and should be durable.

In The Enclosure Door

You need a door for the enclosure too. Again there is a lot of variety here.
For smaller bathrooms, the sliding doors look quite elegant and are convenient too. But for bigger bathrooms, the folding doors could be used quite nicely. Some people prefer to put on just some curtains and get done with it.
You can get whatever design you want. If you are going for the glass ones, then of course your choice with design is restricted, but with the opaque materials like acrylic and plastic, you can have several kinds of designs or at least various colors on them.
Of course, it is necessary to go with the color combination of your bathroom tiles, or it would look quite incongruous in there. If you do not get the right kind of color, a transparent glass bathroom shower stall would look quite elegant too.

Various Enclosure Models

Based on their structure, there are two kinds of enclosures - the prefabricated ones and the custom-made ones. The prefabricated ones can be put up by you; you will get all the parts and will have to only erect the structure within your bathroom in a do-it-yourself manner.
The custom designed ones are costlier, and take a longer process of installing by professional people. They will come, take the measurements of your bathroom, then ask you what you are actually looking for, provide you with suggestions and then construct your customized stall and install it for you.

A Few Points To Remember

When you plan to get a shower stall for your bathroom, you must first consider whether you would like it to be in a corner or just on some wall. Depending on that, you will know whether the stall itself will need two or three walls. The wall itself becomes included in the walls of the stall.
So, if you are putting it up in the corner, you will need the stall to have just two walls. Or if you are putting it on a single wall, then you will need three walls for the stall. Preferably, it is better to have corner stalls because they save space and look tidily tucked in a corner of the bathroom.
Typically, bathroom shower stalls don't have roofs. This is better for the humidity to vent out from the stall, because it is unusual to have an exhaust fan in them. But if you need a roof, you will need to talk about that with your installer in advance, or check if that is included with your prefabricated kit.
Finally, you must not stick with just a single store or just a single catalog for your bathroom shower enclosures. Make use of the great amount of variety that is present here, and feel free to browse around. You will also find a huge variety in the prices.