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Things to Consider While Choosing Shower Stall Designs

Bidisha Mukherjee Mar 11, 2020
As far as shower stalls are concerned, there are many designs available in the market for you to choose from. It add a beauty and a class to your bathroom.
A shower stall is an integral part of any modern bathroom. Its main advantage is that it prevents the shower water from getting splashed all around the bathroom and confines it to one particular area. 
If you are considering bathroom remodeling; or you have a new bathroom construction in process, install a stylish, sleek shower stall that suits the bathroom decor. Before the installation, choose the right location for it inside the bathroom.
Then, take the measurements of the bathroom to ascertain the size of the enclosure that fits in well into the bathroom. Once these two things are done, it is time to look for the right designs for the shower enclosure, shower door, and the shower head.

Designs for the Shower Stall Enclosure

Shower enclosures could be made of fiberglass, tempered glass, acrylic, glass block, glass tile, stone, cement,etc. These materials are the most preferred ones as they are easy to clean.
You can also combine two or more of these materials to build the enclosure. For instance, glass tile panel for the side which is attached to the bathroom wall, and glass blocks for the other walls which are freestanding.
In case, you do not like the usual square or rectangular-shaped enclosures, select designs with unique geometrical shapes. It could be shaped like a semicircle or the enclosure may have five walls.

Designs for the Shower Stall Door

Shower stall door can be a simple door made of glass that swings open in the outside direction. If the bathroom is not very spacious, then a sliding door is just right; it'll not occupy any extra space when the door is opened.
For a large bathroom, select a bi-fold door that opens in both directions. These days, frame-less doors are gaining immense popularity because of their unique patterns. There are doors with asymmetric shapes, which look nice if the enclosure has an asymmetrical design.

Designs for the Shower Head

An attractive shower head design enhances the look of the entire shower stall. You have the choice to select in between exposed shower fixtures and hidden shower fixtures. The exposed ones give an elegant and classy look to the shower stall.
The hidden ones protect the fixtures from the damage caused by continuous exposure to water. Today, it is not necessary to keep just a single shower head in the shower stall. The ones with multiple jets or steam features are quite popular.