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Shower Designs for Small Bathrooms

Mamta Mule
Designing a small bathroom can be a tough task if you are adding a bathtub or a shower fixture in small space. Everyone loves to experience that soothing water sprays. To design your shower section in a small bathroom, here are some ideas.

Small Bathroom Shower Design Options

Opting for a shower area over a large tub for your bathroom is always a good idea. A shower saves up the space that a bulky bathtub, which would otherwise would make it feel cluttered.
A main point that one should pay attention to while opting for a shower design is that the design should give the illusion of space to your small bathroom. Choose light colors to accentuate your shower design which will give an impression of a larger area.
Once you decide to implement various shower designs, start the task by decluttering your bathroom.
Remove the shelving systems and cabinets which are not needed and are occupying a major space. Just keep the essentials and remove the unnecessary items. Decluttering will help you have an idea of the total space available in your bathroom where you can install a shower.
Wet room is a classic bathroom shower idea which you can opt for. This is a good option especially if you have a very small bathroom. This includes installing a single, large showerhead or multiple shower nozzles.
Remember, when the knob of shower head is turned on, the entire bathroom will be converted into a shower area, hence, a wet room. Well, this is one of the best shower designs for small bathrooms, but you need to ensure that you have a slip-resistant bathroom flooring.
Instead of creating a wet room or a walk-in shower, you can also have a separate shower section in your bath. For this, just buy the space-saver side panels, install them and have a separate shower section in your small bathroom. This is a good idea to opt for if you have an average or large-sized bathroom.
If your bathroom already has a bathtub, it can be a major space occupying element. Those who don't mind replacing it, can just get it out of the bathroom and free up the space for adding a shower. Those who want to have their bathtub as it is, can opt for a shower enclosure.
Just add required shower fixtures above the bathtub, install knobs near the bathtub border trim, and have fun with dual bathing options. Get a classic shower curtain or splash guard fixed around the bathtub to create a private shower space in your bathroom.
Shower stall offers the best option for adding shower to a small bathroom. Shower stalls are available in various sizes and shapes and you can easily find a few pieces suitable for your bathroom.
Installation of a curved quadrant shower stall which fits in the corner and occupies least space is a good idea. The opaque ones might be great looking, but just check out the glass ones as well. These transparent or semi-transparent shower stalls look grand and do not make your bathrooms appear smaller.
Well, once the shower designs are implemented, it's time to give a finishing touch to the bathroom decor.
With lovely wall hung bathroom vanities or corner vanities, you can instantly spruce up the area. Get some elegant wall scones to light up the bathroom. Keep the lighting dim. Add blinds and play up the appearance of your small bathroom. Make sure that it is clean and tidy.
From the aforementioned designs, opt for the ones which will best suit your requirements and are of your bathroom. Get set to spice up your bathroom with the shower sprays!