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Shower Design Ideas

Mamta Mule
A very classy tile shower design idea is to add glass tiles, which impart an elegant look to the area. Consider adding a mosaic tile pattern on one of the walls to create a nice wall tile design. You can match the wall tiles with floor tiles or keep them different. Using two sets of colored marble tiles in light and dark shades to beautify the shower section is a good idea.
Having a shower in your bathroom is surely something that has its own charm. Though a bathtub is the ultimate luxury element, there's no alternative to the fun of standing below a relaxing shower. A hot water shower is enough to relieve stress that your body goes through, during the working hours. With advancements in technology, you can install various shower fixtures like power showerheads and shower panels, which give you a great bathing experience.
Further, massage jets and nozzles, which spray water on your body through different angles and with different pressure, help in relaxing your muscles. So, if you are thinking about adding a shower section to your existing bathroom design, then go through the following ideas on the same.

Ideas for Having a Beautiful Shower Area

Walk-in shower designs, are best ones to be considered when you have enough space in your bathroom. These are spacious and can help you explore various design ideas in the available space. While adding a walk-in shower, you can add glass doors or make it a doorless shower design.
Getting a set of end panels and fixing them as a partition for creating a separate shower area or getting an entire walk-in shower unit with least moving parts are good ideas. After fixing the panels, separated area will work as a walk-in shower or wet room.
With walk-in showers, you have the luxury of having a huge shower area. Make sure that you install slip-resistant tiles in this section. If the area is larger, opt for a large showerhead that further adds to the fun.
Have a bathtub in your bathroom and now planning to add a shower stall as well? Well, if you are planning so, but have a small space available for the same, why not consider having a shower enclosure?
Yes, with this, your bathtub will double up as a shower and you can have the option of taking a relaxing shower as well as soaking in a cool bathtub. Converting a simple bathtub into a shower enclosure is surely a smart idea. Moreover, you can consider replacing the old tub with a new and bigger bathtub if you can afford one.
A shower curtain fixed around the bathtub with a curved curtain rod, will add privacy and create an ideal bathing space. This a great way to spice up and remodel your bathtub and add a shower to your bath.
Shower Stalls are among the best shower design ideas and options to be considered if you want to add a shower section to your existing bathroom. You can consider adding a regular or specially designed corner shower stall of the desired size, shape and material so as to spice up the appearance of your bathroom decor.
If you do not have a separate area designated for shower, such stalls are the best picks. Transparent and frosted glass shower stalls are extremely popular and give a grand look to the bathroom. Latest shower stalls come with classy fixtures and advanced features which are sure to catch your attention.
You can browse through the options available in these on online stores before finalizing one.

Ways To Jazz Up the Shower Area

Tiling the Walls and Floors

Tiling is an essential part of the shower design. While you turn on the shower knob, water often sprays on the walls. So, tiles necessarily need to be fixed around to cover the shower walls.

Fixing the Shower Fixtures

While you have the basics ready, it's time to add shower fixtures which are the most essential elements. Consider a good showerhead which offers the option of changing the water pressure. You need to add a hand shower in case you are converting a bathtub into a shower enclosure.
Hand shower is a good addition to other shower designs as well. Apart from this, you can consider adding shower panels with various fixtures. Massage jets and shower nozzles which add a luxury and relaxing element to the entire shower space must be considered if your budget is high. A shower water filter can also be considered.
Fix panels and small shelves for placing things like shower gels, body wash, loofah, towels and other essentials. Add trendy light fixtures that will spice up the look of this area. Make sure that you keep the lighting dim, so that the area doesn't look very bright.