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Seeking Comfort? Try Adding These 5 Things to Your Home

Carol Evenson Nov 06, 2019
Whether you are looking at decorating a new home, creating a sense of coziness to sell your current one, or you just want to make a few inviting updates to your decor, there are some simple strategies that can help. Try adding one or more of these five things to really take your home's comfort factor up a notch quickly.

Bedding and Pillows

If it's been a while since you upgraded your mattress, you might want to consider investing in a new one. There are great options for beds now, so why not check out one of the new latex mattress designs that can help you get settled in at night. Pillows don't have to be limited to the bedroom either. Try tossing a few onto your sofa in living room.


Spending time in nature relaxes our minds and eases tension. Bring those benefits inside by adding plants to your home. Avoid ones that need a lot of care, and opt for easy to grow houseplants that will allow you to relax and not fuss over them. Some examples are ferns and bamboo. Air plants can be nice touch too.


Pictures can be a great addition to any room. If there are people or places that make you smile, add their photos to the walls. This will create a sense of comfort for you through association. It will also help others feel comfortable by creating a sense of personality and family in your home. If you prefer paintings they're great too.

Water Features

Think of sinking into a nice, warm tub and you can see how water can create a feeling of comfort. In addition to evoking thoughts of a long soak, water brings nature into your space. This can help boost feelings of calm and contentment, and shouldn't be overlooked. Sound of flowing water can soothe nerves and ease tension.

Fireplaces and Stoves

If you want a major renovation, consider adding a fireplace or stove to your room. If that isn't an option, candles can be used to create a warm feeling. Choose ones that offer benefits of soothing scents or have crackling wooden wicks for a nice touch.