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Scaffolding Cuplock System: Prime Steeltech India Pvt Ltd

PrimeSteeltech (India) pvt.ltd
Prime Steeltech is one of the leading name in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of high quality Cuplock Scaffolds used in the construction of bridges, residential buildings, flyovers, etc.

Scaffolding Cuplock System

We offer variety of Scaffolding Cuplock which are manufactured using HR Coil Pipes, which ensures high strength to our products.
Cuplock System made by us are available in different sizes and specification and also it can be customized as per our client's demand.

The Scaffolding System has been designed to meet the requirements

The Commercial and Residential Building construction, Bridges, Flyovers, Industrial Plants and oil & gas industries.
Durability and reliability are some of the features, which helped our organization to establish ourselves as leading Cuplock manufacturers and suppliers in India and all over the world.

The success of Cuplock system lies in its principal design features:

  • Versatility of application
  • Simplicity of components and their connection
  • Galvanised components improve corrosion resistance
  • Elimination of loose wedges
  • No special tools required for assembly (hammer and spirit level only)
  • Low maintenance.

Silent Features

  • Best suitable for access formwork support
  • Quick fastening and Erection
  • Quick/Fast/Solid erection and dismantling results in time and labor saving
  • Widely and Versatile use in construction, demolition or maintenance projects for any type of structure.
  • Light weight but high loads carrying capacity.
Welded Bottom Cups are pressed from high quality steel & captive mobile Top Cups made out of malleable casting provide firm grip to Ledger Blades making the connection rigid & to endure rough site handling.

Features Cuplock Verticals

Verticals are connected end to end by an internal spigot(square/round). This is bolted to lower and upper vertical.

Cuplock Verticals- Easiest to erect system

Connections in 4 directions at same levels ideal for providing access platforms, besides its versatility for staging & access around any structures.
Top cup allows locking & resists sabotage. Unskilled labour can eract, easily store, maintain & can be used in a variety of applications: formwork support, circular access scaffolding, general access scaffoldings.

Available Sizes and Weight

Basic Features of Cuplock Horizontals

Minimum projection of blades avoids damages in handing and uniform dimension makes the cup joint rigid.

Available Sizes & Weight


Cuplock Staircase Tower

Cuplock Beam Brackets

It is used to support internal down-stand beam. These have safe working load of 1500 Kgs & are available in various specifications to meet the diverse needs of the clients.
It is manufactured by using high grade metal alloy & modern machinery. This bracket is used with a jack that accepts beam which extends from one bracket to the other. It has been precisely designed to ensure its robust nature & long lasting operational life. It can hold the working load up to 1200 Kgs. 

Hop Up Brackets

It is made by metal alloy with progressive techniques.It is used for providing secure & stable extension to scaffolding structure by increasing width of working platform

Cuplock Cantilever Frames

It is used for supporting decking - formwork at the edge of the slabs. They have blade ends for locating the cup joints & accept jacks. Such frames can have projection up to 1.5m.
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