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Safari Theme Decorating Ideas

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Mar 10, 2020
Is your child crazy about the characters of Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling? Then surprise him by decorating his bedroom using the safari theme.
It's always a great weekend when you visit the nearby forest sanctuary and roast marshmallows over the campfire. The various calls of wild animals may sound music to your ears or give the thrill of your life. It's such a wonderful feeling when you are close to nature. How would you like to have nature right in your living room? Yes, you can use various ideas to decorate your house or a room based on the safari theme. Your children will love these decorations in their bedroom.

Safari Theme Ideas for Decorating Homes

Safari themes include textures, patterns, colors that are harmonious with nature. You can think of Africa and its unique natural look when planning such a theme. Home design with safari in mind includes a blend of African cultural influence along with the Old World European style. This creates a contemporary natural look with a sophisticated feel.

Safari Themed Wallpapers

Safari Wallpapers

Animal Print Wallpapers

Colors help create the visual feel of the intended theme for decorating a house. Thus, it is important that one chooses wall colors that match the theme. These colors are the ones that one observes in the African land. Colors like burnt oranges, sienna, gold, brown, rust as well as beige.
The fabrics as we will see further in the article are mostly colored red, brown, yellow, orange as well as black. You should choose deep reds, blues, greens, sea, pink and purple for your walls and interiors. The wallpapers should include animal prints and colors.
For children's bedroom choose wallpapers with cute animal paw prints, pastel colors as well as prints that help evoke a sense of the safari land.

Safari Themed Bedroom

Animal Print Bed Sheet

Leopard Print Rug

When planning the bedroom, you need to keep in mind the colors of your walls and ceilings. Make sure the accessories as well as the accents match with your theme. You can choose different shades of green as well as gold for your walls.
The woodwork should be of a color shade that is opposite of your wall color. For example, walls with a lighter color tone go well with furniture that is darker in color. Bring curtains, bed sheets, bedspreads, pillow covers, etc. of animal print.
You can even place a faux animal fur rug near your bed. Pictures and wall hangings should have a traditional African look. You can even place potted plants like palms and other leafy plants in a corner to give a jungle-feel to your room.
Safari theme for children's bedroom spells fun for young boys and girls. You can use bamboo decor, tribal theme accessories, camouflage print bed sheets and covers. You can add faux or real palm trees and add a canopy to the bed.
The bed can be shaped as a river boat or safari jeep style. If you have two children sharing a bedroom you can use a tree house style bed. Paint the walls with life-size animals, birds and trees. To give more realistic look, hang plastic vines from the ceiling, stick leaves on the curtain rods and place life-like bud toys on the windows.
The furniture should match the safari theme. Strategically place a few soft toys of tigers, lions, bears and rabbits around the room. You can even hang a monkey on the faux trees placed in the room or from the curtain rods. You can even use the wallpapers with safari theme to decorate the room.

Safari Themed Living Room

Animal Print Carpet

Animal Print Sofa

African theme requires a lot of animal prints and figurines to complete the look. Africa spells adventure, beauty and calming nature. Thus, you need to keep the earthy elements in mind when planning a safari themed living room.
The theme should include natural materials, bold colors and patterns. Animal prints are in vogue and can be used to style your living room. You can use earth tones and animal colors to give a realistic feel to the room. You can select various light themes in the market which offer a range of animals, plants or natural themes.
You should choose rugs with animal prints or shapes which look like real animal skin. Place exclusive animal figurines in the room and a fake antelope or bear head over the fire-place.
Colors for a living room include deep reds, golds, caramel, beige, browns. The idea is same as bedrooms, light-colored walled matched with dark tone furniture or dark walls with light-colored furniture.
You can even try a different look by matching purple with an offset brown shade. Bring in bamboo or cane furniture with African-styled candle stands, lamp shades with animal prints, pillows covered in animal print pillow cases, etc.
Adore the walls with tribal masks and other African artwork. Place a lot of plants like African violets, Adenia or orchids in the room to give a natural feel. Choose wooden flooring or terracotta flooring in shades of brown, beige or even black to give it a more rustic, earthy feel.
The chairs, tables as well as other furniture should either made of wood or covered in faux fur. You can use bed sheets with animal prints or faux fur to cover the sofas.

Safari Themed Gardens and Backyards

Animal Figurines in Garden

Safari Themed Garden

You can make a real jungle right in your garden. Plant more palm trees and ferns. You can grow climbers and vines crawling over the walls and trees. Exotic varieties of flowering plants should be planted. You can add caves and rocks to the garden to give it more safari touch.
Add animal figurines like deer, rabbits and peacocks. You can also place a bird house which will attract the birds to your garden. Their chirping will add life to your safari theme. You can also make a pool with a waterfall fountain to give it a more jungle look. Place duck or swan statues in the water.

Safari Themed Fabrics

Leopard Print Textile

Zebra Print

It is very important to choose fabrics and furniture that matches your safari theme. Choose fabrics that have animal prints, or is made of faux leather like zebra stripes, tiger skin for sofa covers. You can even go in for traditional prints like hand-painted fabrics, woven wools, cotton, etc. for an intense feel.
You can choose Turkish rugs, block prints, geometric designs with golden accents add to the traditional feel. You can even hunt for or ask someone you know in Africa to send you a unique cloth for decorated called the mud cloth.
This fabric is made from a dye of fermented mid that is used to create many beautiful, vibrant, colorful patterns on the cloth. Furniture made of rattan and bamboo make the rooms more splendid.

Safari Themed Interior Decoration

Safari Themed Wall Hangings

Traditional African Pottery

There are infinite number of ideas that can be used to add to the pizazz of a safari theme bedrooms and living rooms. You can use African art prints which match your wall color and you can have bold pieces of art work on the wall.
You can buy African ceramic pots with abstract designs of animals. Bright soapstone vases and sculpture will add to the theme. The walls should be in sync with the safari theme. Use of jungle print wallpapers or painting your wall in sunlit gold, soft tan and golden oranges will give it more safari look.
You can buy African ceramic pots with abstract designs of animals. Bright soapstone vases and sculpture will add to the theme. The walls should be in sync with the safari theme. Use of jungle print wallpapers or painting your wall in sunlit gold, soft tan and golden oranges will give it more safari look.
The furniture should include a Wandal Moorish bench or Damas bench. African wooden barrel stools, African long leg tables also add up to the safari theme.

Lighting the house in safari style is another challenge you can pass easily. All you need is choose iron candelabra or rustic lamps to light up your house.
You can even use pendant lamps, iron wall sconces, skin print lamp shades, etc. to add to the Safari décor. Why restrict your safari love just to your home? Safari themes are the great themes for a party.
You can decorate the party venue as a jungle, use paper plates in the shape of big palm leaves, use more of candles, provide animal masks, the menu should be African, add animal statues and the atmosphere should be filled with African music.
You can also ask your guests to dress in the shades of green or animal prints. You can appoint an artist to paint faces with the pictures of animals. Rake up your brains and come up with many ideas that will help create a safari theme.
Safari trips are always exciting and fun-filled. Create the same atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or parties and liven up your life.