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Room Painting Ideas for Girls

Aishwarya Nirmal
Women are always associated with beauty and creativity. Their room often reflect these traits. Even the paint colors used for their rooms are bright and beautiful.
Girls are unique and artistic in their own way. And when it comes to their territory, they are quite possessive. Their territory, also known as their room, is their sacred place; a place of sanctuary for them.
Decorate your princess room as per her taste. She is probably at an age when study groups, slumber parties in the room is what any girl craves for. So, room is decorated as per her age. Let her explore her creativity and value her expressions.
Girls are closely associated with pink color. No survey is needed to know the fact that majority of girls have pink-colored walls in their room.
The shades may differ but it ultimately boils down to a color which is mixed with pink. This color symbolizes warmth, comfort, sensuality and beauty. All these feelings are intimately related to feminism.
Pink is supposed to be very girlie color. However, there comes a time in every girl's life when she begins hating this color and everything associated with it. If you are not sure pink is the right color for the bedroom, then you can color block it with some other hue. 
Color blocking is a color scheme where two complementary colors from the same color wheel are paired together to accentuate the decor. This way you can stick to pink without going overboard with it. Instead of traditional pink, you can also experiment with rose color, cerise, apricot pale pink, fuschia, or candy pink.
Remember, while decorating the room in darker shades of pink, you can add them as accent colors. Cherry blossom pink can be tweaked subtly with other colors like white and green to lend a romantic yet sporty feel to the room.
Green is the second most popular choice among girls. Green is serene and cool. Though green symbolizes the feeling of jealousy, it means differently in a color scheme for a girl's room. Girls who love to be outdoors, specially in the shadow of nature, prefer to have green-colored walls.
Other representations of the color green are cautiousness and prosperity. Green has proved to be good for the heart. It helps to relax the muscles and causes slow and deep breathing. Green is a complicated color. You can have nature-inspired room and decorate it with accent furniture pieces of different color to make the room look breezy.
Be it sea-grass green/Paris green or even pale/gray green, this color can transform any simple bedroom into robust and sophisticated modern bedroom for girls. Pastel green mashed with chocolate brown reflect the more earthy tone of the room.
You can also choose to have one wall of the bedroom in sky blue and pair it with sage green color in rest of the walls. This is a great way for bringing the outdoors inside the room. Imagine waking up to the serenity of lush green walls every morning. You can also add some glam to this color by complementing it with peach or lighter citrus shades.
Those who like their room to be bright can paint the walls yellow. Yellow color reflects the light and brightens the room.
It symbolizes the sun and hence, relates to brightness and warmth. In some cultures, yellow is the color of cowardice and deceit while some cultures think exactly opposite; to them it symbolizes courage.
Being close to white, it can also mean peace. However, many girls find it cheerful as its physiological effect is that it stimulates the brain and makes you more alert and decisive. Adding yellow to the bedroom color brings about a feeling of sunshine. However, the trick of painting the room yellow depends on the tones and hues of this color.
A golden hue is bold and not calming to the eye. Therefore, pairing the yellows with whites or off-whites is a good idea which also gives a fresh approach to the room. A accent wall of lemon yellow works as a burst of color in a room which has a neutral decor.
You can bring about a sunny effect in the room by painting the focal walls in bright yellow and including other accent pieces of furniture with a pop of black or gray.
Though classified as the color of guys, it is also used by girls since it is the color of the sky and the sea which together symbolizes infinity and calmness. It represents softness, health and understanding.
Darker shades of Blue represent knowledge, power, royalty and independence. Strong-minded girls prefer this color on the walls of their room. This color lowers blood pressure by creating a cooling and soothing effect. It also regulates the sleep pattern.
If you are yearning to experiment with more funky colors and yet don't want to overdo it, then blue is the most safest option you have got. Pair the baby blue color with white, a typical bedroom is what you get. Sprucing the decor with some black and other shades of blue. 
Bold blues are excellent choice to contemporary bedrooms for modern girls. Blue is one color which will always remain in fashion as there are too many different types of shades to choose from. This color is apt for girl's bedroom as it is soft and at the same time eye-catching.
Red is a very strong color that is a universal symbol for blood and anger. For girls, it represents red roses and consequently love. Due to its vibrant nature, it is not opted by many girls for their room.
However, those who absolutely love red, use it in combination with some other light colors. Red causes strength and stamina to increase. Red might not be for everyone as it is quite dramatic. But you can pick this color for the walls of your girl's room if her personality reflects this color.
If you have a bedroom with a lot of space, then you can incorporate racy red color on your walls to add the feeling of coziness. Temper this sizzling color with raspberry, orange and white. Make sure white forms the major part of the room and other colors just add a splash of chicness.
Red can be used in combination with white, royal blue as well as gray and violet. Using turquoise along with red and golden colors will look inviting and can give a modern appearance to your girl's room. Other colors that go well with red is green and white as well as pink and white.
A universal symbol for peace, white is the color of purity. Therefore, many like to opt for this color. Keeping this color as the background, many different designs and styles can be drawn over it using brighter colors.
White drives away feelings of shock and grief. It gives a feeling of openness and freedom. If you are not ready to play with colors yet and want a decor theme for girl's bedroom that is grand yet simplistic in design, then white is the perfect for you.
To break the monotony of white, you can add a few accent furniture of some bold color. You can also play with a pop of neutral colors to give an edgy twist to the room decor. White may not be too kid-friendly, however it's the most risk-less colors for growing children.
Even though white has become a cliché, you can still imbibe pristine beauty of this color in the room by texturing and using floral printed wallpapers. Also, include eclectic furniture that go well with the theme of the room. Use polka dot designs and stenciled wall decals to add some finishing touches to the room.
Decorating ideas for a little girl's room can include stripes, graphics of cartoons, flowers or some fairy tale story. Painting a scenery, constellation or any other theme on the walls of the room can also visually enhance the look of the room. If the room is for teens or preteens, then let them participate in decorating their own rooms.