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Room Divider Ideas

Want to create a partition but don't know how? Want a wall but don't want to go through the hassles of building it?
Chaitra Suraj Saxena Mar 12, 2020
Or had a fight with your roommate and want to divide the bedroom into two? A room divider is the answer for all these questions, and many more. Room dividers are believed to have originated in China around the 7th century, and since then, they have never been put out to work.
Today, they are available in various textures, like glass, wood, leather, fabric, and canvas.
Room dividers can be used almost everywhere and anywhere.
It can be used both indoors and outdoors and it comes handy for both home decoration and utility reasons. One can use them as a wall to divide a room into two, as well as a decorative piece that adds up to the look and feel of a room.

Styles and Designs to Choose From

One can choose a room divider according to their requirements, preferences, choices, and budget. While deciding which divider to bring in, one needs to consider the size of the area that will accommodate it and also the colors and texture of the particular area.
And one also needs to consider which texture will look good. Normally its suggested that wooden and metal dividers should be used for huge rooms and when it comes to small rooms, mostly delicate designs and frames should be chosen.
  • Bookcase Room Dividers
  • Curtain Room Dividers
  • Glass Room Dividers
  • Wooden Room Dividers
  • Wall Room Dividers

For Large-Sized Rooms

If you have a huge room and you want to divide it into two, it is usually advisable that you choose something that is sturdy and stands like a wall.
Like, if you have a huge sitting room and you want to divide it into two so that you can also accommodate your dining table inside, you can always choose a big divider made of metal or wood.
A divider that is strong like a wall is suggested, because you may want to have some privacy while you entertain some guests on the other side.
If privacy is not your concern, you can always choose vinyl or glass dividers that complement the colors of your wall. But with kids around, be careful with the glass divider. No matter how sturdy it is, it can always come down, you know.
You can always choose the length of the room it covers, by deciding the number of panels it should have. A room divider can have anything between 3 to any number of panels you prefer. You can also choose from the leather designs and the fabric ones, if all you care about is the look, but don't forget to keep your budget in mind.

For Small or Medium-Sized Rooms

For small rooms, mostly room dividing is not a valid point.
But sometimes you may need to compartmentalize the room into a bedroom and a computer room. It's always good to choose the materials and designs that do not take a lot of space.
The materials best suited for the small rooms are fabric and canvas. About the shapes, a lot of trendy designs are available. It is not at all necessary that you go with traditional shapes and panels.
You should also give a thought to hanging room dividers. They are in a lot of demand these days. In any case, one thing that you need to make sure is that the color of the divider should add up to the vibrancy and feel of the room, rather than taking it all away from it.
Bedrooms are supposed to be well-lit and bright. So choose the material wisely. Room dividers can also be used in the bathrooms for the purpose of separating.

For Outdoors

There is a lot of choice available in outdoor dividers. It is always for privacy purposes, like when you have made an outdoor sitting arrangement and you want some privacy.
For the outdoors you don't have to think about the space, but you need to take care about whether the material is rust proof, waterproof and sun proof, if you are leaving it outside throughout the year.
Though metal and leather are wonderful choices when it comes to making a style statement, but with them you have to make sure they are inside when it rains. These days glass is really the in thing but it also comes with constraints. So, it's always good to take your divider inside with you. Then you don't have to think about the material and all, rather you can simply concentrate on the look part. Taking it in with you also makes sure that it is not stolen.

Other Popular Room Divider Types

Above were the various room divider ideas, which will help you choose an appropriate type of room divider according to the room. Here are some popular types of room dividers from which you can choose the one you like the most.
  • Bamboo Screens
  • Chalkboard Screen Divider
  • Recycled Wall Cardboard Divider
  • Metal Screen Dividers
  • Folding Upholstery Dividers
  • Open Shelves as Dividers
  • Large Plants
A room divider can be the right accessory for your house, but shopping for it requires a lot of research, based on a lot many factors like size, color and also the budget. So make sure you make a list for all your requirements before you step out looking for your dream home accessory.