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Retro Home Decor

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 14, 2020
A blast from the past, retro home decor is all about reinventing the legendary era. Create the magic of the '60s and '70s within your home to rock 'n' roll.
The lady of the house, always dreams of transforming the house into a home - a home filled with love. A home full of care. A home that resonates warmth. A home that speaks of art and culture. Retro home decor style will resurface the lost treasures of the past and the golden hues you had always wanted to cherish.

Retro Living Room

The rock 'n' roll is an inevitable thought, when it comes to retro. Create a retro scene in your living room. Bring out the rolled up posters and get them framed. Let them adorn your walls, with the background of gray.
On one of the side tables, get an old gramophone and play the old records, that you've preserved for so long. Preferably, go in for simple wooden furniture that will suit your retro decor. The lighting should be yellow and as mellow as possible.

Vintage Dining Area

Turn your dining area in a retro bistro, which will have a lot of wooden furniture. To begin with the decor in your dining room, place the dining table, right in the center of the room with a light hanging from above.
Obviously, you need to have wooden chairs for your table. Let your kitchen cabinets be rustic in style, the classic woodwork will go with your dine at retro decor.

Retro Nights

Fuzzy duvets and a simple bed is all that you'll need to make your bedroom look the retro style. Teal is the best retro color for your room, again with the white upholstery and linen.
Have a bedside lamp, the typical old-fashioned one, with a steel shade to it. If you don't want to go for interior painting, then using wallpapers is a good idea.

Elements of Retro

To maintain the element of retro all over your house, you can do it with big clocks, posters, furniture items, linen, wallpapers, antiques and other such items which were in vogue back in the 60's and 70's.
Once again, retro home decor can have various connotations such as vintage, a mix with contemporary and other such flavors.
Decorating your house adds interest to life and gives your home a personal touch. Your home, after all, is an extension of your personality.
 Before you begin decorating, visualize the final picture and then go according to it. Break the monotony and experiment with ideas you've never done before. Don't mindlessly splurge on expensive antiques. Be bold with colors, shapes and schemes while experimenting with retro decor to make your home a cozy nook.