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Amazing Pillow Patterns

Saptakee Sengupta Feb 17, 2020
Pillows come in versatile shapes and so do their covers. Today, many new patterns have evolved, which are trendy and contemporary. These pillows will be a great addition to your home. Buy colorful covers to jazz up the pillows. Pick one that you love the most, cozy up and relax in the best possible way.
You can get creative with your home decorative skills and revamp your home with some unique patterns of pillows. It would indeed be an interesting project as you will be doing a lot of innovative work to create the best thing for your home.
Surprise your kid with a pillow looking just like his favorite soft toy, pet or an alphabet. Once you have created the shape of the pillow, enamor it with beautiful pillow covers. If you have decided to do all by yourself, then you must aptly know stitching so that you get the desired pattern for the pillow perfectly.

Procedure for making pillow

☁ Let's consider that you are making the pillow by yourself.
☁ You will need a cotton/silken fabric for making the undercover.
☁ You have to cut the cloth according to the defined shape or the outline. Seam the sides properly and leave a portion open for filling the pillow.
☁ Stuff it with pure cotton, synthetic cotton or foam. Then sew the open end of the cover. This will complete your pillow.

Different Patterns of Pillows

Now you can jazz it up the way you want to. In the modern times, people are always on the lookout for something unique which could be a tad too little or a way different from old designs. You can pick up a theme for the pillows complementing the furniture setting and the interior décor of your home.
✤ The regular square and rectangular shaped pillows can be given a makeover with a plethora of contemporary styled pillow covers.
✤ For making pillow for kids, choose objects that your kid is utterly fond of and he will be amused when he finds that he will be sleeping over his favorite thing. For example, design his pillow in the shape of fruits, flowers, stars, animals, etc.
You can even design the pillows according to some theme like princess theme or Doraemon theme. These are some common themes that render freshness to kids' rooms.
✤ You can purchase colorful and printed pillow covers. You will find numerous collections of uniquely designed pillows in upholstery shops as well. Check out in stores in case you do not have that much time to spend on making pillows at home.
✤ Square pillows, rectangular pillows, side roll pillows and neck roll (travel pillow) pillows are the best choice to be utilized in any form, either for decoration or comfort.
✤ Square and rectangular pillows not only provide immense comfort while sleeping but you can also use them as cushions for your couch or any other piece of furniture.
✤ You can use round as well as side roll pillows for sleeping and decor. The latter is probably a must for side sleepers.
✤ You can carry the U-shaped pillow while traveling as it provides the much-needed support to your neck when you slouch on your seat.
✤ Other shapes of pillows include the lips, bow and heart shaped pillows. You can cozy up yourself with those cuddly pillows while sleeping or simply while relaxing.
✤ The lips shaped pillow is indeed a unique piece that you can gift your beloved, and the heart pillow too. You can customize the pillow with your personal favorite photograph.
✤ You must look for a pillow cover that will bring out the shape of the pillow at its best. Simply put, the pillow no matter what shape it has must snug properly in its cover.
✤ At present for cushions and pillows, printed covers are in and the designs range from traditional crochet, patchworks and quilted to contemporary animal prints, color blocks, stencil prints, stripes, and floral prints.
✤ Gorgeous pintuck silks, rugged chiffon, rosette satin clusters, fleece stitches, velvet frills, jersey fabric patterns, etc. coming in unicolor and multicolor patterns are much popular in households.
You can use them for decorating the interiors of your house or simply use as throw pillows or cushions for your portico, garden, balcony or porch furniture.