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Perfect Color Palette For Your Room Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Maya Pillai Feb 5, 2020
Each zodiac sign has its related supportive hues of colors. The colors related to the astrological sign influence the behavior, emotions, prosperity, and happiness of a person. Paint your room with the color pertaining to your zodiac sign and experience the effect!

Fearless Aries

Ideal Colors: Shades of Red and Orange.

Ariens are dynamic, courageous, enthusiastic and born leaders. Fire is their element and Mars is their ruling planet.

Reliable Taurus

Ideal Colors: Green, Light Mauve, Pink, Earthy Brown, Cream.

Taurians are sensuous, goal-oriented, patient and down-to-earth people.

These colors bring them happiness and prosperity. For those who are not a great fan of green or brown hues can always settle for lighter shades such as mauve, and cream.

Curious Gemini

Ideal Colors: Yellow, Green.

Geminians are fun loving, quick-witted and curious. These people love to play around with colors and patterns. Their home reflects their inner mind.

Loyal Cancer

Ideal Colors: White, Silver, Shades of Pink, Sky Blue, Pastel Colors.

Cancerians are intuitive, sentimental, persuasive in nature. Since they are ruled by the moon, they feel comfortable when surrounded by these hues.

Passionate Leo

Ideal Colors: Hues of Yellow and Marigold Orange

Leos are passionate, expressive, dignified and big-hearted people. They exude warmth and optimism. They represent the regal nature of the King of the Jungle.

Analytical Virgo

Ideal Colors: Hues of Blue-Green, Ice-Blue, Brown, Navy.

By nature, Virgos are efficient, tidy and sincere. They have methodical approach to life. Rooms painted in these colors suit their down-to-earth nature.

Fair-minded Libra

Ideal Colors: Hues of Blue, Dark Green.

People belonging to this zodiac sign are gracious, sophisticated, stylish and lovers of social gathering.

Scorpio - A True Friend

Ideal Colors: Shades of Red, Maroon, Rich Browns.

Scorpions are very secretive, passionate and trustworthy. Painting their rooms in these shades or having objects of these shades around them will bring them prosperity and happiness.

Idealistic Sagittarius

Ideal Colors: Royal Blue, Plum.

Sagittarians are seekers, philosophers, honest and cheerful people. They have the ability to transform their thoughts into actions. These colors bring them happiness and prosperity.

Disciplined Capricorn

Ideal Colors: Navy Blue, Indigo, Shades of Gray, Brown.

Capricorns are conservative, hardworking, responsible and resourceful people. These shades bring them prosperity and fortune.

Humanitarian Aquarius

Ideal Colors: Light Blue, Violets, Psychedelic colors.

Aquarians are deep thinkers, intellectual, visionaries and socialites. They think out-of-the-box on both, the personal and professional front. These  colors bring out the best in them and also soothe their inner self.

Intuitive Pisces

Ideal Colors: Shades of Sea Green, Periwinkle, Turquoise.

Ethereal, mystical, enchanting are the terms that are used to describe a Piscean. These are the shades they should opt for when designing their room.