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Wonderful Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Puja Lalwani
Take a look at this guide on choosing the right paint colors for bedrooms to transform your room into your own little paradise!
The interiors of our bedrooms are extensions of our own personality. Whether we are calm people or people who love some funk and jazz, there is something for everyone. Good paint colors set the right mood for us to relax and unwind in our bedrooms.
You may have come across several ideas for the right color, but instead of going helter-skelter looking for the 'right' one, introspect and see what suits your personality and your personal style. The thumb rule in interior decorating is always to choose personal comfort instead of succumbing to trends.

Paint Color Choices and Ideas for Bedrooms

Paint colors for bedrooms are meant to heighten our senses, and evoke the right emotions in us stressed out human beings. Not every color is defined as red, blue and yellow. Each color has its own hues and shades, and the variety in paint colors is immense. To be able to decide, then, how to choose the right color can be a confusing and time-consuming task.
To help you simplify your worries, presented here is a table, that classifies room colors according to moods and the effects you might like to experience once you are in your personal haven. Get creative and try a combination of different styles for bedroom decorating that will reflect your own, unique personality.

For Girls!

For girls who want vibrant bedrooms, combine black, white and hot pink. You can highlight one wall with the hot pink, and keep the rest of the room black and white. Add zebra prints on upholstery. Also keep accessories in shades of hot pink!

For Boys!

For boys who like vibrant rooms, turquoise blue with a dash of silver is the way to go. Highlight one wall with turquoise blue, and keep the furniture black and white. Add silver accessories like cushion covers, lampshades, or bean bags against the highlighted wall.

Combination of Stary Colors

This vibrant combination of yellow and blue may seem stark to you initially, but combine it in just the right amount with a medium shade of wooden flooring, and you will have one of the most beautiful looking rooms ever.
The trick is not to overdo the blue shade, but use it on just one wall of the room. The gray can be used for furniture. You have to put it up and see the combination yourself to believe how stunning it can look.


For an earthy look, try to combine the outdoors and the indoors by highlighting an accent wall with a textured dark green, and having the rest of the walls in a rustic  color. This combination would work well in a room that has light wooden furniture.
Walls painted pine yellow, combined with dark wooden furniture, are sure to give you the ultimate rustic feel. Enhance the look with dark brown accessories. This look is great for a guest bedroom as it is soft, warm and inviting.
An accent wall in a fiery orange color surrounded by a neutral beige is a great way of achieving the rustic look. Opt for solid wooden furniture along with flooring, and you will be able to complete this look perfectly. Ensure that the lighting complements this look in that it is soft and yellow. Keep it dim for best results.


To give your room the feel of pure, sinful luxury, give the walls a dull golden color, with black furniture. Black and gold works as a wonderfully luxurious combination. Keep the lights soft, and you won't want to get out of this epitome of luxury.

Contrast Colors

A royal deep purple will transport you to a whole new world of luxury and romance. Pair it up with light wooden furniture and contrasting accessories for the right effect.
While picking bedroom wall colors, always test a sample on a small patch before you go ahead and paint the entire room. This will help you to change your choice, if required, at the right time. Moreover, ensure that the choice of your paint color complements the furniture in the room to avoid disastrous consequences!
Remember that the overall effect of the wall paint changes with the use of furniture, accessories and lighting (natural and artificial). Keep all these aspects in mind before settling on any one final color.
Choosing the right paint color for your bedroom is always overwhelming. However with a guide like the one presented here, your task should be relatively easier. You don't always have to adhere to specific color schemes to paint your bedroom.
As mentioned before, your bedroom is a symbol of your personal style, so go with what suits you and your personality the best. Feel free to try new combinations, and introduce your own trends to the world of interior decoration.