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Delightful Paint Colors for Bathrooms

Mamta Mule
Paint colors play a primary role in appearance of a room. So choosing the same rightly, even in case of bathroom walls, needs no mention. Considering the size of your bathroom, the visible wall area and tiled area and other furnishing in the bathing space is important while you choose the paint colors.
Bathrooms were previously the most ignored area of a house in terms of interior decoration. People often didn't bother and think much while choosing the tiles or wall paint colors for bathrooms.
But, nowadays bathrooms are becoming bigger. Making them more luxurious to make you feel relax is mainly considered while designing the bathroom. People now don't mind spending money for remodeling it and experimenting with paint colors.
Paint colors for bathroom are no longer simple and single toned. Choosing the suitable and most popular paint colors and opting for one of the latest painting ideas, is what you need to do, for having a perfect bathroom. After all, paints are definitely important for sprucing up the overall look of your bathroom.

Best Colors for Bathrooms

Lighter Shades

If your bathroom is smaller in size, then it is best to choose soft and fresh colors. The rule here is to strictly avoid dark shades. Basically, bathrooms have low illumination to have the necessary feel, hence, darker tones would make it look even smaller.

Indirect Colorful Effect

If you would still like to have a dark tone, use it for the wall behind the shower fixtures or for the one on which the light directly falls. Warm paint colors like cream, pale blue or soft green can create a lovely effect. Pink, orange or gray can also be used.

For Big Bathrooms

A lot of colors can be experimented in case of large bathrooms. If you want to make it really jazzy, choose some dark tones, but make sure that you rightly balance them with white. You can add the 'bold' element with dark shades like black, violet or maroon.
One of the important thing that you must do while deciding on the bathroom wall paint colors is considering the mood that you want to create! Think whether you want your bathroom to look calm and soft or bold and bright and choose the colors accordingly.

Unique Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Perfect Color Scheme

While choosing a color is really important, a perfect color scheme is also essential to finish the task. Think of various color schemes. Single color scheme for bathroom is a passe. Think weird and opt for an out-of-the-box idea that will definitely work right in jazzing up this space.
Remember that you can have a classy bathroom with an ultimate color scheme. Think of a monochromatic color scheme, which is one of the best paint color ideas. Here you can use different shades of a single color and have an elegant looking bathroom. This will keep it simple, yet stylish!

Complementary Fittings

Make sure that you also consider the laminate colors of cabinets and other bathroom decor in your bathroom while painting. An overall effect will definitely make your bathroom look the best.
When you opt for dark tones, balance them with soft contrast tones or simply with a white or off white paint color. For balancing purpose, again you can consider the cabinets, bathroom flooring and ceiling, instead of painting a wall in soft color.


If you are using tiles as well, for the bathroom walls then make sure that they match well with the wall colors. The tile colors and bathroom wall paint colors must complement each other and the bathroom vanities as well.
Choosing the right paint colors for bathrooms, is the key to an elegant looking bathroom. You can further add spice to the nicely colored walls with some wall art ideas.
Browse through the interior decoration magazines and websites to get more information about the latest trends in bathroom decor. With the right shades and good combos, get set to turn your bathroom into the best looking area of your home.