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10 Must-haves for Your Home Office

Shalu Bhatti Mar 15, 2020
You are one of the lucky few to have the blessing to make money while in the comfort of your home. Though you need not encounter the busy traffic-laden streets to make your way to work, there are many chaotic situations that may arise in the absence of some must-have items in your home workstation.
Ensure that your home office is established nowhere near the bedroom. Not only is this an important feng shui rule, but the nearby bedroom also takes your focus away from work. Pick a spot that has a good supply of air and natural light.
There are many perks associated with working from home. You don't have to get up early in the morning, no formal wears, no traffic, and no annoying employees, or perhaps the presence of an intimidating employer! To be able to work in your comfort is no less than a blessing. However, the flip side of this vantage is the lack of discipline.
While at the workplace, you are focused, and you know that work is the only thing you can do, one can encounter a lot of distractions while working from home. It could be anything from laziness, to not being able to manage time while handling the daily chores of the house.
As they say, too much freedom, or lack of a proper system in the workplace may lead to unproductiveness. To work from home means to work independently, and to be your own boss.
The only difference between an established office and a home office is that you get to be in control, thanks to the advancement in technology, wherein a high-speed internet access and a computer can get the work done without being present in a professional environment. However, it is important to have a systematic environment, even in a home office.

10 Things You Should Have in Your Home Office

There needs to be some form of organized approach while setting up a home office. You can't take up your laptop, lie in front of the television and expect to deliver quality work. We have already warned you about the bedroom. The given sections will give you the 10-must-have items in your home office to give you an ideal environment to perform better.


It could be anything―a proper door, folding screen, or curtain. This item becomes crucial in the absence of a full-fledged room that you can turn into a home office.
If your office is in a corner of another utility room, then it is imperative to place a room divider so that you can have some privacy that allows you to focus while you're busy working.

Office Chair and Table

Most people prefer working at their dining table, instead of investing in an office chair and table. Who would understand it better than them, as to how chaotic and uncomfortable the experience could get at times! Getting up time and again to fetch that important paper, or a stationery item, could be nerve-wracking.
A home office must have a comfortable office chair with proper back support and armrest. The table should have storage shelves with locks so that all the essential work-related items are stored safely.

Area Rug

An area rug not only adds to the décor of the room, but it also creates a definition in the space.
Placing it under your table and chair would give your workstation an outline, thereby defining your work zone. The space would allow you to focus more efficiently by giving you a professional feel.


An office without stationery is pretty much like a tree without leaves. There are countless stationery items that you would need every now and then, from pen, tape, scissors, Post-Its, stapler, paperclips, and the like.
Also, get some file folders, storage boxes, and similar office accessories to be able to keep your work-related printouts, receipts, and other documents systematically. Choose your options in a variety of colors to pep up your office décor.


Shelves, the more the better! You may either purchase shelving units, or install them in your wall―there is no better way to utilize the empty space.
You can place all sorts of things on it, from file folders to recreational books (to take your mind off work for some time). They function as both a utility as well as a decorative accessory that accentuates the overall look of the room.

Multipurpose Printer

It is technology that has enabled us to work from home, and it is technology that we need to make the most of this benefit. While high-speed internet access and an efficient computer system is the basic necessity of a home office, having a 4-in-1 printer is imperative.
This multitasking machine can be used to take printouts, scan, copy, and fax, thereby allowing you to save some space in your compact area.


Though we have switched from paper to computers, we all know the magnitude of printouts and copies that tend to pile up over time. Not only does a shredder help in clearing the clutter, it also helps in protecting you from identity theft.
You never know how crucial personal information may escape the safety of your house and create a massive problem. So, invest in a portable shredder to save your space from the clutter, and yourself from possible trouble.

Trash Bin

Need we explain why? It is better to confine the waste clutter in a bin rather than the entire office space, especially the desk and the floor around it. Cleanliness is essential for one to be able to concentrate and work efficiently. A trash bin kept at a corner under your desk would keep the non-productive things out of sight and out of mind.

Vision Board

Our favorite item on the list is a vision board. You would definitely agree with us when we say that no matter how much you love your job, it may get a little tiresome, or monotonous at times.
A vision board is what you need to get inspired and stay motivated during this phase. If space permits, place it right in front of you, on a front wall, perhaps, so that you can see it clearly. Pin in the images of people or things that motivate you. Write inspirational quotes and the like, that will keep you going at all times.


This ever-inspiring, refreshing element is a must for your home office. Isn't it nice to see something natural in the midst of the man-made things?
You could either place a beautiful flower, or a low-maintenance plant such as cactus, money plant, or lucky bamboo. Water them every day so that their greenery inspires you to blossom and thrive throughout the day.
Looking at these plants for a few minutes will also help your eyes relax from the strain caused by the constant viewing of the computer screen.
With these 10 elements, your home office can turn out to be a room that not only brings out the professional in you, but also infuses much-needed motivation. The best part about a home office is the fact that you can be as creative as you want, and arrange the place as per your taste and preference.
As a parting note, we'd like to remind you to keep alarms on your watch or computer screen to finish a set task by a decided time. Remember, discipline and time-management is a must for professionals, be it at a commercial office or home office.