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Mudroom Paint Color Ideas

Snehal Motkar
Are you not satisfied with the look that the color of your mudroom offers? Does it require a new look? Here, I present some fascinating mudroom paint color ideas. Keep reading to know the best possible color for your mudroom.
Mudroom area occupies a significant place in our house because it is the entry passage where the guests launch their first step to enter into the house. Many people limit their imagination in making the mudroom as just a regular store room and stack it with their books, bags, coats, shoes and other things that go with daily living.
It is a good idea to make effective use of any, and all, the space of your house. But, you can be a little aesthetic while planning and decorating even your mudroom. A mudroom, though is meant for utter functional purpose, need not look dull and boring. Rather, by making it more beautiful and attractive you can hide the mess that is part of this room.

How to Choose the Perfect Color?

Fortunately, there is no general criteria or thumb rule for painting a mudroom. I used the word fortunately because it is good that there are no rules or general ways to decorate a mudroom which enables your mudroom to be unique in itself. The selection of a perfect color depends on the specific factors that can provide the feel of completeness to the mudroom.

Color Selection

Mudroom is a storage place and it is meant to get dirty. But, who would want to see a dirty and gloomy room after coming back from a long hectic day, or while leaving out in the morning for an active day of work? Obviously, no one.
That is why the idea of painting the mudroom according to your choice or mood, has emerged. There are several colors that can set a good mood. You should decide the mood you want to be in while coming back to the house after a tiring routine, or while leaving the house in the morning and choose the colors accordingly.
For example, if you want to feel energized when you are back home you can choose brighter shades of blue, green, even red and orange. I used the word shades because it is the shade of the color that really matters more, than the actual color.
The wide variety can be helpful as well as confusing at times. The size of the room is a major factor to consider while selecting a color shade. If you have a considerably large mudroom, you cannot paint it with only bright colors as it can create too much brightness.
What you can do is paint half the walls with energizing bright colors, and use some neutral colors for the remaining walls. This will create a balance of soothing and energizing effects at the same time. If there are kids in the house you can do something innovative with the mudroom to make it available for the kids to blossom in their creative world.
The mudroom space can offer children an area where they are free to do whatever they feel like and have a good time. Use of contrast colors can be a good idea to paint the room for a child.

Furniture for the Mudroom and Color Scheme of Other Rooms

Most mudrooms are designed with a few benches and storage cupboards, and if these pieces are wooden, you need to be careful while choosing the paint color. If you try to match the paint with the furniture of the mudroom, you will end up making your room dull and dark. Choose a light brown or a grayish brown shade that will complement the furniture as well as lighten the room.
On the contrary, if the furniture is of a lighter shade, you can always use dark and bold colors to make the room stand out. You can also paint the room with a warm color, like yellow or barn red, regardless of what the furniture color demands.
There is an opportunity to bring out the coordination between the mudroom and the rest of the house by painting it according to the color scheme followed in other rooms.
If the living area and other rooms bear a shade of purple, you can use a lavender or any other shade of purple for the mudroom. This will create a kind of coherence between the mudroom and the rest of the house.

Some Tips

  • You can use muddy colors and other such slightly darker shades that help in concealing dirt and fingerprints of the little ones entering the house.
  • The type of paint is also an important factor while choosing a color for your mudroom. If you do not want to use the above suggested dark shades, you need to choose the paints with semi or high-gloss finish that offers a coating to the paint and can be easily wiped off without damaging the paint.
  • Imagination won't do much in selecting a mudroom paint color. Also the shade cards and the paints in your neighbor's house are not reliable sources because the shade on the shade card is an ink which is way different from the actual paint, and the shade in the neighbor's house has different light effects which cannot be similar to your house. 
So, experiment with new colors. Paint a cardboard (white) with the new color and hang it on the mudroom wall and try to imagine its look. This can give you a fair idea about the suitability of the color for the mudroom.
No more dullness around in the mudroom, pick up the best suitable color and make your mudroom look as beautiful as the other rooms in the house. Do not hesitate to use uncommon colors because if you pick up the right shade even the not so good-looking color will complement your mudroom make it look elegant.