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Modern Style Stair Railing Ideas

Shashank Nakate Mar 11, 2020
Railings are structures installed along stairs, elevators and decks to provide necessary support while using stairs. Wooden railings have been used since long in manufacturing of stairs. Some modern stair railing ideas presented here speak about smart use of wooden and metal railings.
Railings are structures installed along stairs, elevators and decks to provide needed support at the time of using them. They are an important part of stairs and ensures the safety of users. The changes taking place in people's lifestyle and aesthetic sense influences their house's design. Wooden railings have been used since long to enhance the appearance.

Spiral Railings

The spiral railings coil along a spiral path. Generally, steel is used in its construction. Since these are made of steel, they possess great load-bearing capacity, and are last long. A great variety of patterns and artwork is available in the design of spiral railings.
DNA-shaped stair railings more or less the same in appearance to spiral railings. There is a lot of innovation going on in the designing. Such railings are of common occurrence in modern-day architecture. DNA stairs are the creation of renowned designer, Geoffrey Packard. Materials used in the manufacturing include steel, glass, wood and carbon fiber.

Glass Railings

These railings are used in malls and shopping complexes. Also, they can be installed in the house and gardens. Such type of railings can effectively function as windbreaks. It is necessary for glass railings to have caps.
The caps do the job of covering sharp edges of glass panels. With conventional stair railings there is a danger of head or hand of kids getting stuck between columns of railings. Such a risk can be eliminated with the installation of glass railings.
Generally, the length of glass railings ranges from 4-6 feet; their height is about 3 feet. Thickness of glass panels used for making railings is typically 0.25 inches.

Deck Railings

Deck railings are installed primarily for the purpose of safety. The deck railings, just like staircase railings can be made from wood as well as metals.
You may also think of installing glass panes between columns of wood. Putting together wood and glass gives these railings a unique appearance. Chrome metals are used for giving a glossy appearance to railings.

Useful Tips for Installation of Railings

~Wooden railings are known to give a house a grand appearance. However, such type of railings are also quite expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the budget in mind before going for a wooden railing project.
~Installing metal railings doesn't cost you much. Such railings can be stylized into a variety of shapes and patterns.
~If you are bored of that metal stair railing painted in white/black, try some of the faux colors to give it a fresh look.
~These days, metal railings made from brass are in vogue. Use of metals in railings is rising owing to the continuously increasing cost of wood. However, for those who can afford to pay more, wood remains the best option. The different kinds of woods that you may use in the construction of modern-day railings include the mahogany, Brazilian Cherry, oak, etc.
It is important that you take into account different types of designs, architecture of the house and also the lifestyle of the owners at the time of installing stair railings.
Today, railings are seen not just a safety installation, but also an element which enhances the appearance of the house to give it an artistic look. However, before you go with these modern stair railing ideas, you should see to it that your design of the railing fits in the architectural plan of the house.