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Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Sujata Iyer
Mirrored bedroom furniture has more appeal than you may think. Some of those appeals are what we'll discuss in this story.
One way to spice up the bedroom is to have mirrored furniture sets in it. There are a variety of modern furniture pieces that you can choose from.
Anyway, getting back to contemporary bedroom furniture, let us, in this story, see what types of mirrored furniture you can use to give your bedroom a classy and sophisticated look. There's everything from buying tips to decorating tips!
A bedroom is very personal and close to your heart. Every person takes decorating it quite seriously, as it will be your sanctuary when you're sad, your playground when you're jumping for joy, and your punching bag when you're frustrated and angry.
You'll cry on your bed, you'll jump and throw the pillows around, you'll be frantic in front of the mirror of your dresser when you're late to go out. So, wouldn't you like to have bedroom furniture that is totally YOU!!?? A plan that oozes with your grace, confidence, and style, of course!
Say bye-bye to the classic solid oak furniture and say a big hello to some stylish mirrored bedroom furniture instead! Yes, that's right, this contemporary furniture is a brilliant way to change your room and bring out the bling! Let us see the components that will make up this awesome plan!

Dress Me Pretty

Nothing pleases a lady more than a gorgeous dresser where she can spend hours primping and pouting (be honest ladies, don't deny doing it!). A huge mirror with light bulbs bordering it! Ah! That's just perfect!
BUT, how would you like it if the entire dresser, that is the table, drawers et al were all mirrored!? Yes, there are an array of mirrored dressers available in many leading home improvement and home decorating stores. You can also shop online for great deals.

Treasure Chest

Most master bedrooms have a chest of drawers. Wooden chests work just fine, but think about this. You have a chic and gleaming mirrored chest with ornately carved handles on them. The drawers are spacious and look spectacular too! What else could you ask for?
But it gets better! I'm sure that once you have this gorgeous piece of furniture in your bedroom, you'll definitely try to tone down your 'dumping' habit, and keep the chest organized and neat! There goes the hoarding habit!

By My Side

Once you decide to go in for the mirrored dresser and chest of drawers (Oh, I'm sure you will!), why leave the poor side table alone? Go in for a classy mirrored side table as well. Stack up a few good books for your nighttime reading, place a pretty lamp shade with a white light bulb in it, and your bedroom is fit to be in a magazine!

Suit Me Up

The favorite part of a bedroom apart from the dresser is the wardrobe! Wardrobe or closet, whatever you call it, we spend hours agonizing over what to wear and how we have no clothes! How about a nice glistening mirrored wardrobe to ease the pain a little?
This way, the picking-dress-from-hanger-and-holding-against-body ritual will take lesser time. Hey! I only said it would ease the pain of not having enough clothes, not that it would magically make it disappear!
Look around your neighborhood for good second-hand sets and just replace the mirrors if you need to. It's a great way to save money and make your bedroom look great at the same time. One tip though, if you want to go in for a subtle effect, use light-colored linen on your bed.
And if you enjoy the splish-splash of colors, use bright, vibrantly-colored linen and watch the colors bounce off the sparkling mirrors! If nothing else, add a large wall mirror to your bedroom and watch it transform into a reflecting masterpiece!