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Marble Flooring Ideas

Marble makes an unbeatable choice for homeowners. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors and sizes. Various modern designs in marble flooring give a royal touch to your home and office.
Reshma Jirage Feb 3, 2020
Variety of colors, highly glossy, extremely attractive, easy to process, durable and easy to clean; all these criteria make the marble to be the most demanded and favorite flooring material. Many attractive marble flooring designs and patterns can be created by laying marble tiles in different ways, which adds timeless beauty and luxury to the interior.

Marble Floor Tile Designs

Marble is a soft and highly flexible natural stone, which can be cut into any shapes and sizes as per your choice. This helps you to create unlimited design patterns.

Some common colors in marble floor tiles are Crema Marfil, Calacatta Borghini, Botticino, Carrara Venatino and Makrana. Just mix different colors and get an amazing color scheme for your floor.

Brick Pattern

A patio or outdoor kitchen floor can be decorated with a brick pattern or subway layout. Here you can select a single color or go for a unique color combination, offering quite elegant and attractive look. Rectangular-shaped tiles are used to create brick pattern.

Herringbone Pattern

In herringbone pattern, rectangular marble tiles are arranged in such a way that it resembles to the bones of fish like herring. This classic design gives a stunning look to your living room or modern kitchen. Different shades of rectangular tiles can be used in alternate rows to create variations. A combination of light and dark tiles looks sophisticated.

Basketweave Pattern

Resembling a basket texture, this pattern is created by laying rectangular tiles in pairs at 90 degrees angel. It’s quite easy to install, although its design looks complex. It is quite attractive and unique pattern that catches attention. By using dark and light color combination, a wonderful design can be created.

Bordered Floors

It may be your living room, kitchen or bathroom, this old classic flooring design gives an ultimate look. The borders of different colors or shades can be used to cover entire room. Another way, you can used bordered tiles in the middle of the room to decorate a small portion.The border can be designed in different shapes and sizes.

Repeating Pattern

The tiles with repetitive designs are interlocked together to create this pattern. It creates a simple checkered floor with monochrome shading or distinctively colored that suits to the furniture in the room. This pattern is suitable for bathroom, kitchen, dining area or patio.

Chess Board

It looks bright, bold and extremely attractive, bringing out the old world charm. You can use the color combination of classic chess board, or you can go for various color combinations. The classic chess board flooring design can give a touch of monochrome magic to your home interior.

Mosaic and Medallions

People with an artistic mind simply love this pattern. A medallion decorated in the middle of the hall gives a majestic look. You may select simple geometric designs, or use a combination of two or more colors. This offers a sleek look to home, hotel or office entryway.

Diamond Motifs

Glossy black marble tiles placed along with diamond tiles give a wonderful touch to a hallway. You may try simple variations like pinwheel and basket weave floor designs.

3D Effect

The optical illusion floor or 3D floor is the latest design that has brought a great revolution in the world of construction. Different colors with a variety of shades are used to add dimension and depth to the design. The output is an astonishing three dimensional element, which seems to be quite realistic.