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Man Cave Ideas That Are Absolutely Kick-ass

Rutuja Jathar Feb 28, 2020
Everyone needs and worships his/her personal space. However, to the fairer sex's surprise, men need more privacy than women! To be frank, we don't really offer them ample 'space' in the living area where they can cozy up, watch TV, play video games or just hang out with their male friends over a drink.

Man Cave

A man cave can be called a 'male sanctuary'. It is a room inside the dwelling, which is dedicated to the man of the house and his special possessions. It can be anything - in the form of a garage or in the basement, den, or a media room.
It is equipped with all the relevant accessories that can range from a vending machine, editing machine, giant TV, pool table, refrigerators, wine cellar, putting green, fireplace, bed, musical instruments, sports equipment, vehicle tool boxes, war memorabilia, and anything else for that matter.
In short, man cave design depends on the definition of 'comfort' for that man. Since it is their sanctuary, its location should also be secluded (if he wishes it to be!). The location to carry out some fancy designs depends on your budget as well.
If you can afford it, then you can create a cozy manspace in a room located behind the house, or even a basement, which will be the perfect location to create the ideal male-only space!

Ideas and Themes

Once you have decided the location and design of your man's den, you need to decorate it in the most masculine way possible. Decide upon the theme of the cave and choose an excellent color scheme such as masculine shades like beige, dark blue, olive green, or black. Make sure you opt for the colors that he likes and not you!

Garage Man Cave

Convert your garage into something really useful like a man cave. It can be used as a hobby area, a relaxing joint for your man and his friends, or just as an extension of the house all for him.
You can always get by, by arranging a couple of cabinets and chairs, however, to really get the perfect feel of it, try to get a professional to work it up and give a few of his own man cave thoughts and ideas.

Memorabilia Man Cave

This theme is usually for the obsessive collector, and the obsession may range from sports jerseys, basketball shoes, random collectibles, music equipment, and even statues.
This setup may cost a little more, because memorabilia comes at a price. To make it look attractive, decorate the cave with all sorts of bric-a-brac so that your guy gets warm dopey feeling of happiness when he looks at it.

Office Man Cave

This one's for the workaholic, or a person who works from home.
This idea for a man cave should be fitted with contemporary style furniture, because wood nowadays is processed so much that it imparts a very modern touch to a room. A space bathed in yellow light is the most at-home feeling that a person may experience.

Multi-Purpose Man Cave

Here is an all-purpose man cave idea. Create the den with two to three or all of its corners occupying different activities.
For e.g. have a bar and a TV in one corner so that he can watch a football match while sipping a drink. Then convert another corner into a hobby area where he can spend his hours doing something productive, and you could probably line up another corner with a couple of basic exercise tools.

Design Tips and Accessories

Once the paint color scheme is chosen, it's time to choose some good furniture to complete the perfect interior decoration.
The furniture items that you include should be any of the following, a recliner chair, La-Z-Boy, bean bags, small sofa, comfy seats, fireplace, heater (if it gets too cold in your region), computer table, bookcase, wooden panels, light fixtures like lava lamps.
It's always better to take his opinion into consideration, so that he can have and arrange the furniture the way he likes.

Once you're done with selecting the furniture and picking the interior colors, the next thing to consider is decorating the cave.
Now that you have the furniture and all the essentials at hand, arranging them in the proper way is really important here. We all know that decorating a boy's room is a fun and easy task to do, so if you're getting too confused about how to go about the man cave idea that you've arrived at, get him to help you.
Install the wet bar design at one corner of the man cave so that he can really enjoy and relax in his sanctuary. Make sure the bar is fully loaded with his favorite drinks, a small refrigerator, and a lounge consisting of stools and counters.
On the other hand, if he likes to cook, place a grill or gas stove in the den, so that he can surprise you with some special delicacies once in a while (it's a win-win situation)!
One thing to take note of is that you need to work out your man cave idea for a garage thoroughly before you do anything. If he has a good collection of bikes and cars, because he may also like to maintain them on his own!
So, we hope that now you have some ideas about decorating the mantuary in your house! Just make sure that your man understands that you are around the house too, so that he does not get too addicted or overdo his freedom and space, but this will bring him to appreciate you even more for sure.