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Loft Decorating Ideas

Bidisha Mukherjee Feb 19, 2020
Loft is a big, spacious room that does not have partitions for creating different rooms. It has some unique characteristics such as concrete floors, high ceilings, exposed bricks and pipes, etc. Therefore, loft decoration is an interesting as well as a challenging task. You have to put in your own ideas to make it look large, comfortable, and beautiful.
When you are living in a loft apartment, you have to accommodate everything in one big room. So, it is quite natural that you get confused about which style of decoration will suit the interiors. It requires special creative skills for proper utilization of every inch of the space which is available.
The best part is that you get a lot of scope to experiment with the styles. You can opt for contemporary styles of decoration, or the traditional ones, or keep a mixture of both. Here are some amazing ideas, which you can team up with your own flair and get an attractive loft apartment for yourself.

Creating Rooms

The first thing you need to do is to make a proper division of the loft space into a living area, dining area, sleeping area; and any other divisions that you wish to have.
Once this is done, use the furniture pieces like tables or book cases to mark the borders for different areas. Fabric screens hanged from the ceiling, or room dividers can also help you out to get the feel of separate "rooms" within the apartment.

Furnishing the Loft

The decision whether to decorate the loft using a traditional style or a modern one, is based upon certain factors.
Suppose, your loft has concrete walls and exposed piping, here, the furnishing materials should be a mix of glass, steel, wood, and chrome. In case, your loft has the vintage look with columns and some gorgeous moldings, then opt for some antiques like glass chandeliers, hand-carved chests, or furniture with rich upholstery for decoration.

Ideas for Storage

Since the space within the loft is less, you need to carefully plan its storage so that your home does not look unorganized or clumsy.
Opt for those which can be used for storage purpose as well. For instance, ottomans can serve as your file drawers; and the trunks can be utilized as coffee tables. Similarly, traditional cabinets and armoires are also quite helpful for storing household items.

Ideas for Decoration of the Walls

Usually, a soft and neutral color scheme suits a loft apartment. Try to keep only one color for all the walls.
For a traditional feel, hang some nice wooden frames with old photographs, or, collect some old posters and put them up. If you want your loft to look like a modern-day art gallery, then display a few contemporary paintings. You could also hang some attractive mirrors on the walls which will also make your loft look larger.

Ideas for Lighting the Loft

As the ceiling of the loft is quite high, you have the opportunity to try out something different.
Suspended and attractive chandeliers or pendant lights will render an extraordinary visual appeal to your loft. Along with that, there should be some lower lighting like lamps and wall sconces as well. The lighting has to be set in a balanced manner such that the entire space including the corners get sufficient exposure.
You should choose the decorating ideas, which you feel will work best for your apartment. After all, it is the place where you are going to live. Therefore, the overall look of your loft should reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable and at home.