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Loft Bed Ideas for Girls

Aparna Jadhav Mar 10, 2020
Little girls love living in their Barbie world. For them, a perfect room is one like the toy house they so possessively treasure. A peek into the toy house will tell you their taste, and their favoritism for those loft beds that have lots of little cabinets.
Loft beds or bunk beds as they are known, are popular among parents solely because, they do not eat up too much room space. They are adjustable, and can easily accommodate two growing children at the same time.
What makes them interesting for kids is that, they can take turns sleeping on the top rung. Besides, it also provides them extra play area which keeps them happy.

Types of bunk beds

Plain Bunk Beds

Keep it simple and go for a plain bunk bed. You would have to provide your child with a separate study table, cabinet and shelves for storage.

Bunk Beds with Study Tables

Go in for a single loft bed which comes with a settee and personal study table. Looks elegant and sleek and it requires less space.

Bunk Beds with Storage

A stylish, and ultra modern loft bed that has curtains to act as a personal dressing cum storage area. This kind of arrangement is good for those of you who have two kids. It comes equipped with built-in storage and shelves for your princess.

Types of Plain Bunk Beds

Keep your little girl's room clutter free and simple with these plain bunk beds. Prep the room with colorful walls and a neat shelf to stack her toys. This will give her more space to play with her friends and her toys. The only downside to such beds is the lack of storage space and an essential study table.

Types of Bunk Bed with Storage

A growing up girl has a lot of clothes and toys, which means she definitely needs extra storage place. You can opt for something that has an attached cabinet or one that has a lower storage compartment to save space.

Type of Bunk Bed with Study Tables

One of the most important aspects of a child's room is a study table. These study tables cum bunk beds, are space savers. The first option provides you with storage space, to stack up all the things while, the bed is on the upper rung. It makes perfect sense to indulge in a bed like this.

Settee and Storage

Why shouldn't your child's room be comfortable? A bunk bed which has its own settee and storage, makes it even more comfortable for your little girl. She can keep her toys, her books and can even sit comfortably while studying or entertaining her friends. What more can she want?

Elaborate Loft Beds

Why should boys have all the fun? Your baby will love to have a room, that has its own attached play area. A mini slide and a tent makes it interesting enough, for a girl to want a bed like this. Sliding down the pole sounds even more fun don't you think?
Loft beds not only gives each child, their individual space to sleep, but also their individual space to grow. In one go, it caters to the needs of your child's comfort, as well as the space issue. From the variety available in the market, one can easily find a loft bed that suits the needs of the family. You can also get a custom-made bunk bed for your child based on these designs.