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Elegant Loft Bed Ideas

Scholasticus K Mar 11, 2020
A loft bed is an effective way of saving space in small bedrooms. Here are some effective and useful loft bed ideas, which can be easily integrated in your own bedroom to make more space for yourself.
Thinking about loft beds made me take a brief walk down the memory lane. My parents always insisted that all of us siblings should have the ability to share and hence the four of us (me, my elder brother and my elder and younger sisters) always shared the same room.
We had three loft beds in our room. Me and my brother shared what we call the bunk bed. I always got the upper bunk, my brother being the bully. My sisters however, had proper loft beds, each to themselves, with a small study desk attached.
The concept of loft or bunk beds, probably developed after sailors in the navy started using bunks, instead of hammocks. Well, this is a general interpretation, though bunk beds may have been in use, well before that too.
Another probable explanation could be the growing prominence of dormitories in colleges and universities, where students accommodated themselves in a single room. Today, essential space management has, sometimes, made such beds a necessity.
A loft bed is basically a sub-type, sub-set or type of conventional bunk beds. It essentially is defined to be a unite where the bed or the mattress is located on the unit's loft, whereas the lower area is utilized for other purposes such as work or study stations, simple desks, cupboards or a drawer set.

Dual Bed or Simple Loft Bed

The bunk bed is a structure, that has two beds placed on top of one another. This type of bed is usable by two. However, some manufacturers have also come up with models that have three beds.
Other loft beds are basically, upgraded versions of the simple bunk bed. These are very easy to make, so you can also include it as a do-it-yourself project, rather than purchasing it.

Workstation Loft Bed

This is a two-storied bed, the first story is a workstation and the second is the bed which is high up, enables an average sized person to use the workstation. This type of bed can be used in any small-sized room that has a reasonable and appropriate height.
Such workstation loft bed ideas are often used in colleges and hostel dormitories. Sometimes, a small cupboard or a sofa can also be placed underneath.

Floating Loft Bed

Here, the bed is attached to the ceiling, with very strong, thick, flexible and powerful, synthetic belts. When not in use, the belt is rolled up and the bed goes and touches the ceiling.
This becomes possible due to the rollers attached to the ceiling, and are powered by a simple mechanism that can be operated with the help of electric motors. This type of bed has to be used carefully. The mechanism and fabric make it very expensive.

Murphy Beds

The Murphy bed is a simple bed that can be easily folded into the walls. Murphy beds help in saving a lot of space in cramped rooms. This type of bed works on a simple folding mechanism and is the cheapest of all loft beds.
The upper level bed can be a permanent arrangement. The lower level bed can be a Murphy bed, which you can push into the wall or fold away during the day and draw out the same when it is time to go bed.

Roof Attachment

This design is quite similar to 'floating loft bed' design, however, it is a lot bigger. 
This design simply involves making a large loft with metal fixtures and holdings, which would suspend the thick hard-wood loft downwards. Due to the strength of the metal and hard-wood holdings, this bed can be huge, with the surface area being almost equivalent to a dual king-size bed.

Cupboard-Drawer Set Bunk Bed

The idea is simple. The upper bunk consists of a loft bed. The lower level is a utility unit, where one can have, cupboards, drawer sets, put-out or roll-out desks. A pull-out sofa or extend-able bed can also be include in the lower level.

Fairy Tale Loft Bed

A loft bed unit, be it of any design, can be easily decorated and redesigned to resemble objects from fairy tales and stories. A simple idea is to nail-in shaped and painted sheets of ordinary wood into the bed, so that the bed would resemble objects such as a castle or a spaceship.
This can also be done for any bunk bed. All you need to do is shape and paint the sheets of wood and then properly nail them in.
Before choosing a loft bed, it is advisable to formulate the budget. Then, assess the size and structure of the room. Also take into consideration the exact measurements of the room, before making any decision. You can also have custom-made beds, where you can realize your own bed building plans.
You will also need to plan and consider the building material of the bed and its strength in relation to the design. The design and material should be able to bear any kind of weight properly. Since there are a large number of factors to be considered, one should plan and execute carefully and correctly.