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Liquor Cabinet Design Ideas

Medha Godbole
Looking for that perfect cabinet to flaunt your envious collection of exotic liquor? Go for design ideas like the pull- out, expandable and other varieties for liquor cabinets that are not only high on utility, but also look great in your house.
Well-stocked liquors retain their flavor. In order to achieve this purpose, you can choose a cabinet that suits the décor of your house that can be flaunted, as well. Choose your favorite liquor cabinet designs from the ones given below.


Pull-out Cabinets

Pull-out cabinets have trays to store your liquor that can be pulled out. These cabinets are already available in almost all stores, in various designs. You can pick the one that suits your taste and need. Plus, they are not costly.
If you have enough space available in your kitchen, then this can be placed as a stand-alone unit. Else, you can build one by simply installing trays to your existing kitchen cabinet. This saves a lot of space. They are available in steel, wood, and paper plywood.


In case the space available for the cabinet is too little, expandable is the best-suited design. It looks sleek and occupies less space. Once expanded, it can store thrice as much liquor as possible. The cabinet has a pull-down board that is hinged at the bottom.
The board acts as a cover for the cabinet and also serves as a table to make and serve your drinks. Your stemware can be stored in the cabinet, as well. It comes with glass and wooden panel doors, and in steel and wooden finish.
Countertop expandable cabinets are also available. Expandable cabinets also come in a unfolding-the-top-cover style that will give enough space for placing your bottle. They also come as mobile units, which you can take to any room where you wish to enjoy your glass of liquor.


Rustic Style

A rustic design adds that countryside touch to your liquor cabinet. These are made using different materials like ebony or authentic hardwood.
Plus, it has a natural finish, which is great. They need not be too huge. Subtle designs are also available nowadays. Hand-painted copper linen, brass hardware, rustic stone, etc., are a few materials that can be used to make the cabinet. Lightweight cabinets are also available.

Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann Style

This cabinet comes in top-open and side-open forms. The liquor bottles are stored in the cabinet. There is no space available for stemware storage.
This design is dedicated and named after Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, a renowned designer of yesteryear. With a French polish finish to ebony, mahogany, bone ivory and amboyna burl, this is a fantastic choice. This will give that classy touch to your home bar. The use of wooden grains as a backdrop for the cabinet is the signature Ruhlmann style.

Out-of-the-Box Design

Construct the liquor cabinet in the shape of a barrel or a wine cylinder. You can call it whatever you like; contemporary or unique! If not a barrel, you can build it or have it built in a shape of a cart.
This is sure to impart that charm to your home bar or even otherwise to the room if you do not have a home bar. Floor-mounted and wall-mounted cabinets with some accessories make for your perfect contemporary cabinet. They can be made of lacquered mahogany, black lacquer, or brushed aluminum.

Before Buying

Before you buy a liquor cabinet, you should consider a few things like -

» Types of cabinets (As discussed in the write-up)
» Number of partitions in the cabinet

» Placement (countertop, under-cabinet, wall-mounted) of the cabinet
» Location (kitchen, cellar, living room) of the cabinet
» Number of bottles that will be stored
» Size of the cabinet
» Stemware storage
» Material used to make the cabinet
» Type of liquor that will be stored (Liquors have different storage conditions)

Essential Liquors

Some essentials in the cabinet are listed below. A few liquor cabinets have a cooling feature to store the liquors that are to be served chilled.

Cold Storage

♠ White wine
♠ Champagne
♠ Club soda and seltzer
♠ Sodas for mixing
♠ Cranberry or grapefruit juice

Normal Storage

♠ Vodka
♠ Gin
♠ Rum
♠ Tequila
♠ Scotch/Whiskey
♠ Brandy
♠ Liqueurs
♠ Apéritifs