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Kneeling Chair Benefits

Shashank Nakate
The idea behind the creation of kneeling chairs was that of reducing pressure experienced by the back while sitting. Some of the kneeling chair benefits and useful facts about this equipment are given in this story.
A kneeling chair is used for the purpose of reducing back strain. It helps align the spinal cord in a proper manner. The angle between the thighs and the upper body while you are sitting on a conventional chair is 90° or even less (if you don't maintain a proper posture).
This angle increase to about 110° - 135° when you sit on a kneeling chair. There are two types of kneeling chairs available in the market. The first type has a backrest while the other doesn't.
Kneeling chairs were first introduced in Europe in the '70s. However, these chairs have gained popularity only recently. There are many benefits offered by kneeling chairs. Maintaining a proper posture is not just about protecting the back from hunching.
It also protects the spinal cord from serious damage resulting from pressure. The points listed below should help us understand more about the benefits of these chairs.

Spinal Cord and Kneeling Chair

The spinal cord is a delicate organ of our body. It is subjected to pressure, twists, turns and shocks, owing to our bodily movements; these shocks and pressure doesn't affect the spinal cord due to the protective discs of the vertebral column. Vertebral discs absorb the shocks and pressure, and keep the spinal cord unaffected.
You might wonder, what role does the kneeling chair play if the vertebral discs are already protecting the spinal cord. Kneeling chairs reduce the pressure on vertebral discs by distributing it; the entire weight of our body doesn't fall on the vertebral column, however, is shared by the knees and shins too.
There is a common misconception that a kneeling chair causes damage to the knees. This misconception arises from the belief that whole weight of the body is supported by knees.
In actuality, the shins are known to share the body weight along with the knees. Getting adjusted to the seating arrangement of a kneeling chair from that of an ordinary chair might be a bit difficult in the beginning.
Initially, one might feel awkward while sitting on a kneeling chair. However, it is only a matter of time before you get used to sitting on this chair. One can start by using the kneeling chair for only a few hours in the beginning. This duration can be gradually increased.

Benefits of a Kneeling Chair

A kneeling chair offers many benefits and which are mentioned below.
  • The kneeling chair helps in improving the body posture owing to its ergonomic design. You can easily detect any changes (slump) in the posture while sitting on a kneeling chair.
In short, this chair doesn't allow you to hunch or slump. Hunching of the back results into side-effects like bending of knees.
  • Neck and back pain is lessened by the use of kneeling chairs. This is again associated with maintaining an upright posture. Problems like back and neck pain are reduced to a great extent if you maintain a proper posture.
A posture similar to that of standing is maintained while sitting on this type of chair. It is the main reason why complaints associated with back strain are reduced.
  • It is observed that thighs start paining after sitting for a while in a conventional chair. The body can be relieved of this pain by the use of a kneeling chair.
  • The tailbone and coccyx pain results from sitting on a chair for long hours. Use of a kneeling chair also offers relief from this pain.
  • Reaching out forward becomes easier with the use of a kneeling chair. Also, it is far easier to get out of the kneeling chair than from a conventional one.
  • The levers and knobs of ordinary chairs make it difficult to use them. Kneeling chairs don't come with any such lever settings. The kneeling chair reviews presented in the article should help in choosing a quality product.
Kneeling chairs offer a lot of benefits; they are useful in office settings and also at home. This type of chair provides relief from back pain, reduces the pressure on the spinal cord and improves the posture.
You can avail many other minor benefits from the use of kneeling chairs. Although it takes a little bit of time to adjust to the seating arrangement, one would find a kneeling chair to be useful in the long run.