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Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen

Parun Pereira
A kitchen with good flooring goes a long way in complementing its interiors. You should choose the type and style of flooring in your kitchen in relation to the decor. Here are some kitchen flooring ideas that you can consider when remodeling your home.
It is often seen that whenever people renovate or remodel a kitchen, they tend to ignore the very important aspect of flooring. Without proper flooring a remodeled kitchen looks incomplete.
Hence, it is of utmost importance that the type of flooring you choose goes well with the surroundings of your kitchen. it makes sense to include the flooring plan at the same time while setting up a new kitchen or even renovation an old one.

Types of Kitchen Flooring

Wooden flooring is a great option if you have got wooden cabinets in your kitchen, and it complements the lighting and dark colors on walls and the ceiling.
Ceramic flooring which is commonly used in homes all over goes well with granite furnishings in the kitchen. Whatever type of flooring you choose, the surface must be durable and comfortable to walk on.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring adds to the aesthetic feel of the kitchen. The surface of wooden floors which are made from hardwood provide a better grip and are less slippery than glazed tiles.
In wooden flooring you have the option of installing pre-finished flooring or unfinished flooring that needs to be sanded once installed. The wood veneer differs in thickness and can be chosen in accordance with the required width for your kitchen.
Although wooden flooring adds to the overall feel of a kitchen, it has to be kept in mind that changes in temperature in the kitchen area result in the wood expanding and contracting.
This type of flooring requires proper care and maintenance. Damp mopping along with vacuuming and sweeping ensures that the floor is free from accumulated food ingredients and dirt from constant foot traffic.
Different types of wood can be used to get different looks, and you can choose one that suits the kitchen furniture and the overall look of your kitchen. From exceedingly simple to the most elaborate, there are many choices when it comes to wooden kitchen flooring.
A wooden floor in your kitchen gives it a classy and rich look, something that is nice considering that you spend quite a lot of your time in there.

Ceramic Flooring

These tiles are used commonly in all kitchens and come in a glazed and unglazed finish. The tiles used for ceramic flooring come in different sizes. The most commonly used sizes range from twelve inches to eighteen inches square.
If the kitchen area is small, it is recommended that you use twelve inch tiles or less, as this helps to make the kitchen look more spacious. Although ceramic tile flooring requires very little maintenance, timely cleaning and mopping is required to maintain a clean and sparkling look.

Types of Ceramic Tiles

There are different types of tiles you can choose for the flooring of your kitchen. Most people prefer mosaic tiles that are available easily in the market.
Mosaic tiles come in a number of patterns and are available in a glazed and unglazed finish. These tiles are durable and also resist moisture which is a common problem in kitchen areas.
Although quarry tiles need to be maintained regularly, they are becoming increasingly popular in thematic kitchens and come in a common color tone of brown, red and gray. Because of their porous nature these tiles are susceptible to stains and dirt which cannot be removed easily.
Porcelain tiles, which are being excessively used in designer kitchens are extremely durable and are easy to clean and maintain.
Most tiles come in an array of different shapes and colors and are easily available in the market. Although custom-designed or hand-painted tiles are very expensive, they give the kitchen a unique and nostalgic feel.
If the laying patterns of tiles are intricate and contain special accents on borders, be assured that the cost of flooring will be higher than normal.
When you use ceramic tiles as a flooring option you get a lot more variety in colors and ideas. Ceramics are also easier to maintain compared to wooden flooring, and even a mix and match style goes well for kitchen flooring.
With the huge variety of colors available, ceramics are the perfect choice that can match your existing kitchen decor.
A beautiful floor enhances the look of a kitchen and goes a long way in determining the overall look and feel. So, if you haven't paid attention to the flooring in your kitchen, it's time to sit up and take notice.